Best Available Joystick Available in the UK?

Hey all, new to the forum and the game.

I have been looking for joystick for SF4 and have found way more options than i expected, unfortunatley they seem impossible to get hold of in the UK. I was at first lookign at the SF standard pad but nowhere has them so I looked here and there seem to be hundreds of different options.

My question would be, what is the best reasonably priced and instock stick i can get for SF4 and other fighting games that is not massivley expensive, and also does it take a lot of tiem, money and technical knoladge to make a stick, ive looked at a few posts but thyey seem very technical and again parts are an issue due to living in the UK.

I thank you for your time, replies and help.


Hah … instock stick. Your gonna have to wait until the SF IV rush is over or grab one quickly when stores finally get restocks.

As for making a stick, I cant comment. I’ve just ordered my parts today for my first stick, and will be assembling it as soon as it arrives in a make shift case but cant really comment considering I havent done it yet. I can see it costing me just under the price of the Tournament edition stick as I need to grab one or two tools (That I thought I had but cant find anymore), but at least It will be unique and have more value to me.

I hope this helps but please just do a search and check out a few forum topics on the knowledge and what you need a custom stick to do (depending on what you want to use it for), I can see how the regulars are getting annoyed at tons of new accounts appearing and creating the same threads daily.

Oh, and always remember you get what you pay for. Tons of people have problems with the Standard Edition sticks, some dont. Personally If I bought one I would void the warranty straight off by modifying it and putting in better parts. Tournament Editions have got better reviews, however can still have there problems. I would like to think that If I make my own stick im more in control, but we’ll see when it happens.

Hey mate, fellow UKer here. What system do you want the pad for firstly? PS3 or 360?

Either way it doesn’t matter. Everywhere is sold out. Lol. You are literally looking at paying about double retail price for a stick on ebay. What do you class as expensive as well?

That said, when they are available the Mad Catz Fightstick Standard Edition and Hori EX2 seem to be your best bets, both running at around 40. There are documented problems with the former so even if you do come across one I’d be a bit wary. By all means read up about it and come to your own conclusion though.

As for building yourself a custom stick, I am in the process of doing just that. Ordered the parts for my first stick earlier today. That said I am a complete noob when it comes to these things but I like the challenge. It is much like building your own computer. It takes a lot of time and research but also a fair bit of skill with a soldering iron and general handiwork. It is also relatively expensive. I dropped around 60 on parts today, which for a little bit more I could have got a pre-made stick on ebay. There are still a few more costs yet too. But the quality of components are far superior than sticks in the price range and I will get the added satisfaction of creating something myself. And after I have suitable knowledge and experience in me, I can probably make a dual-stick to use for both my 360 and Dreamcast. In the long run, I see it as a better option.

Hope that helps you out a bit.

i looked at posts from the search but almost all are for US and some are confusing due to me not udnerstanding the ternamnology, is there a guide on what you need to go into the stick? i would build my own but i do need a very comprehensive guide. i will search for one in the meantime.

thanks for your reply i really dont want to have to wait untill they come back into stock in stores as i cant see that being anytime soon.

sorry started typing before i read the second post.

its for 360 i forgot to mention, i think 50 pounds would be about the price point and i have build 3 pc’s and am good at souldering so really its just how to wire it all and what goes into it i would need to know.

Like I said it depends what you want on your stick and what you want to use it for. You obviously need your buttons and joystick. You also need a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) to connect to the joystick and buttons. I am building a Xbox 360 stick, so I will be buying a 360 controller, opening it up, and taking the PCB out of there and putting it in my stick. There are plenty of other types of PCB’s for different types of consoles and systems.

Take a read there, and refer back to the threads on this forum and you should be able to grasp a basic understanding of what goes into a custom stick.

I personally didnt want to pay 70 for the standard edition when it was $70 in the US, as I would have been modding it all out anyway. So i’ve just decided to start from scratch, and try make something quite unique.

Not a chance in hell my friend, considering you have to buy all the parts (Got mine from Gremlin Solutions), plus VAT and delivery. Then create a case or buy a pre-made one, then also get the required PCB or controller. PLUS extras if you need them.

is Gremlin solutions UK based and have you used them before?

They are. I think they are based in Lancashire. I placed my first order with them today, however Im not expecting my products for a week or two with the current demand for stick parts. They’ve even added a bit of text on there site stating that with the demand certain coloured parts arent actually available until they receive there restock from Sanwa and other companies.

i already have a spare control for the pcb and can make a case for like nothing i guess if i keep it basic, why is a sticka dn buttons more than 50 ??

… Because they actually cost that much?

My set of 6 Sanwa OBSF-30 Snap in Buttons came to 10.20 I think. The stick is about 18.00. 5 pin joystick cable, another 4.50. Three OSBF-24 buttons, 6.10. I also purchased an Octo gate. PLUS Vat.

You can fill a stick with cheap parts for 50, but then whats the point in putting in all the effort? If you put in cheap parts you may as well buy a cheap stick. My buttons and stick came to just under 50 without the octo gate, but I am not setting 50 as my budget. There is no chance I could have built it for 50. Good luck in trying though.

I think your overlooking how much time might also go into this, and including supplys, such as wires, solder, terminal blocks, paint and other finish’s. Any other mods you have to do that you discover when building it. What happens if you break the PCB? etc etc.

im carefull so i dont break things, i have expericane with electrics so i have all wires solder etc its just components really

I hear British arcade sticks have bad teeth.



Also everybody makes mistakes … You cant guarantee you wont, I mean, 5 seconds ago you weren’t sure actually what went inside a box.

im still not sure but what goes into it but if i can build 3 pc’s efortlessly without knowing anything when i started im sure i can handle somthing of smaller scale, so i need buttons the pcb i have and a joy stick then just solder them together into some box? seems easy enough??

what are these cheaper sticks you talked about, are they instock or also sold out in the UK??

Seems a bit steep…I was just seeing how much it’d be to have a Sanwa joystick and 6 buttons shipped from LizardLick and it’s about 38 with the cheapest shipping.

To be fair a PC is childs play to put together. I mean it’s like Lego, just snap in to the right slot.


PC’s are not of bigger scale. If anything it is the other way around, they may be bigger in size but it is far easier to put one of them together IMO. A PC can be put together in 15 minutes. Have you taken a look inside of an xbox controller? Take a look on slag coin, if everything goes to plan it can be very easy|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318

^^ Cheap stick. Although, the PCB can be of some good use.

I do honestly think you are over estimating how easy it is. But hey, if you build a stick fully cased and with Sanwa Buttons and a Sanwa JLF for 50, I’ll buy one from you.

I know I was surprised at the price of there stuff. But I didnt want to order from Lizard Lick with the amount of orders piling in there. I mean altogether I had to get the JLF, buy the 5 point cable separately, 6 OBSF-30’s and 3 OBSF-24’s, the octo gate, add on the vat and shipping and it was over 50. (It didnt help I forgot to order the octo gate, so placed that in a order by itself adding in more shipping).

I would have also wanted some kind of trackable shipping from Lizardlick, and with the quotes I was getting from the case builders on these forums I was expecting it to be quite hefty.

i was looking at that pad i was thinking against it though as it doesnt have the 6 face buttons layout however maybe ill compromise that, i know about the pcb as one of my 360 controls has a rapid fire mod which took a little work on it.