Best anti air-fireball-abuser character?

Title is a little cryptic, but here’s what it means.

Every now and then I play an Akuma on Kaillera that sits back and throws air fireballs all day long. This wouldn’t be a problem if I were offline - I could parry all daylong after getting an advantage, and that would be that. But online is different, and I miss parries all the time. So I figure that anytime I come up against this type of player I would use a character with clear advantage over the air-fireball-stay-away types.

I was thinking Dudley, but am open for suggestions.

Yun because he isn’t on the ground much anyway.

i don’t usually play at kaillera, but i know parries become a whole lot harder because of the lag.

looking up at the japanese matchup chart, it seems to me yang would be a killer option, since it’s his worst matchup. i am not a yang player, but i guess yang can manouver around air fireballs easily and punish.
i’m think you could try to use yang’s teleport + EX slashes to punish. but i really don’t know.

i know urien is not a great matchup in this case, but i know the character a little bit better than yang. building bar is really great with urien, because aegis opens up a lot of options for him. even though akuma can reversal teleport on wakeup, it is still hard to do (and perhaps harder with lag) meaty aegis for unblockable setups is not the only way to use this superart.
when the akuma player jumps at you and try to air-fireball, if you antecipate, you can super-jump roundhouse him. you will then be on the ground, and you can close the gap coming closer and putting some pressure on him.

mmmh offline many characters can get around that type of gameplay easily, but if you speak about online it’s a bit different (as Akuma gets generally much harder to defend against then in offline conditions)

On top of my head, I’d try with Ken and anticipate their jump with superjump forward into EX tatsumaki, LP sho juggle - when they find that by spamming air fireball mindlessly they risk 35%-40% damage, they’ll better stop the spam or die

if they are not spamming the air fireball mindlessly but they’re actually aiming them carefully and so on, just block and space yourself patiently. It should work unless lag is too much (and “too much” is still a relatively low ping number, unluckily), in that case just change opponent and leave - while online is tolerable most of the time albeit not really the same as the real deal, game is no more fun when lag-abusing tactics start to dominate.

Just don’t play against people with over 30 ping, or p2p…you shouldn’t have to adjust how you play to fight lag abusers, thats stupid.

EDIT: Also tons of characters have a way to beat jumpback air fireballs. Most characters can beat it with their fireball. Yang can beat it with rollkicks of varying strengths.

Nope. Yang can still eat air fireballs, despite being a tough matchup for Akuma.

You can’t really beat air fireballs because even if you parry thats a mixup for Akuma, and usually an easy throw. You are better off just blocking them. They don’t deal terrible damage themselves, but I know how they can be annoying. Just stay in Akuma’s face and they shouldn’t really be a problem. All these options people are posting only work against scrubs who throw air fireballs from like full screen. Just block the air fireball, blocklow when he lands, and get in his face before he starts to try to zone again.

depends what character ur using.

i like to time stomps so it hits them in the air and smashes them down

i also like to SA2 with makoto right before they land (timing is strict)

and with any character, i like to corner then and make them feel trapped until they need to jump over. but i dont let it happen, i shoot them out the air :slight_smile:


Yes usually Akuma is a tough match up for Urien, but most of the the Akuma players I’ve fought that only throw fireballs all day do so because they don’t know how to play.

As a result you can catch them with your own stuff because they don’t know who to AA parry themselves so they make for easy pickings for Urien.

You’re not supposed to be giving that advice…:sad:… Use sean… he beats everyone anyways

These akumas I encounter are always decent at best. Suggesting very cheap techniques is fine.

use oro and dash under the fireballs plus he has an advantage over akuma


Beware though. Using Chun causes your brain to go into such a relaxed, dormant state from boredom and inactivity that you might fall into a coma.

I’d use Hugo. Anticipating air fireballs with the backbreaker will keep those Akuma user’s on the ground…

And if they switch the air fireball to air hurricane kick, I’d try to read it and counter with his EX lariat. If anything, you’ll have like…a 33% chance of evading/hitting/getting hit.

But then again I played for a long time yet still have much to learn. I’m sure someone here will point out my strategy as :fail: but…that’s what I’d do. :sweat: