Best american style sticks/buttons

i’ve heard from various people that the iL 8way eurostick is pretty good, the happ competition joystick isn’t as good as it used to be?, and that the sanwa jlw-um-8 is very good? now, i’m new to modding and sticks period…i’ve literally only had my TE stick for less than a month. i plan on keeping that japanese style. now, i just bought a street fighter 15th anniversary arcade stick which is setup with american style parts…bat top, cheap happ knockoff buttons i believe…very springy. i want to keep in the tradition of it being an american style stick…but, just want to make sure i put the best parts in there that will last. so my question to anyone who can help me is what are they’re recommendations, experience, what to buy, what to avoid…stuff like that. i know a bit more about japanese style sticks and buttons, but as for american style sticks and buttons, not quite sure. i was somewhat leaning toward the sanwa jlw um-8 because everyone seems to tell me and from what i’ve seen on the TE stick that these parts are far superior…but is this true of their bat style stick? i heard someone say it’s good but you have to put a stronger spring into it…what does that mean exactly? thanks in advance for any help/insight.

if you could find a wico p360 i’d say go with that

otherwise you’re stuck with an iL eurostick and iL competitoins.

Happ Competition buttons. These are the best American buttons there are, and their traits really shine when playing Marvel vs Capcom 2. Low engage distance, that microswitch feel, low-height convex plungers, and that smooth rim that just makes the slide motion feel like butter…

If you don’t play Marvel vs Capcom 2, you could use Happ Pushbuttons or Happ Translucents (they’re essentially the same buttons but have a higher concave plunger instead, and come in a wider variety of colors) instead. Most people don’t like the concave feel, but some do, or are willing to ignore it to have translucent green buttons :looney:

As far as sticks go, Happ/Wico perfect 360s (p360) are considered the best. They use optical sensors instead of the microswitches found in all other sticks, so you don’t feel any microswitches when you’re moving the stick around. They also don’t need to be repaired, ever. The downside though, is that they cost about 4 times as much as the next good American stick, and that they require a +5V energy source for operation (so most PCBs will require some extra soldering/electrical work to accept a p360).

If that’s all too much for you, you can just go with the iL Eurostick.

Replacing the spring just refers to taking apart the stick and replacing the stock spring with a new one. The feel of a joystick is determined mostly by it’s spring, and so by replacing springs you could have a Sanwa stick that feels as stiff as an American stick, or an iL stick that feels as light as a Sanwa one.

Happ P360s aren’t worth shit anymore, you need a Wico one.

iL is just the only way to go since Wico is dead…

so the JLW-UM-8 doesn’t factor into this at all? i mean…how is it compared to all the other bat top sticks? on lizard lick…it’s about double the price of the il eurostick…does this necessarily mean it’s better or that it’s made with better quality? is it better or worse then the il eurostick/happ competition? i was actually leaning towards this stick because i hear sanwa is such a good company when it comes to parts and supplies for arcade sticks. thanks again in advance.

The JLW isn’t an American stick and you said that you wanted an American setup. I grew up playing on a Neo big red so my favorite and IMO best American parts are Happ Supers.

sorry for the confusion…by american setup i meant…bat top stick instead of the one found on the TE stick…i think i’m most definitely going to get happ competition buttons, but…i’m stuck between the il eurostick, or the sanwa jlw um 8…it seems that most people prefer/use the il eurostick in preference to the happ competition joysticks…now, does the sanwa jlw um 8 surpass both of these sticks, or is it all really preference? i hear from almost everyone that sanwa supposedly makes the best parts hands down so i would assume that the sanwa stick is better than the il eurostick and happ competition?

Its preference… In fact the Japanese Joysticks are better, but if youre going to play Marvel vs Capcom 2, Happ/IL joysticks are the best from far…
The best thing to you do is to test both of them, JLW and Happ/IL and see which fits better to your play style.

i own both sanwa bat top stick and happ comp stick. If you are trying to put the sanwa um8 in an anniversary arcade stick you will have to do a hell of alot of modification to get it to mount at the right height. The um8 is decent but it does not feel as good as a happ or IL and the case you are trying to put it in is not designed for it. The um 8 also has a square gate that you may want to replace with a round gate to get the American feel from it. I have modded my sf 15 anniversary stick and the bottom line is… i would highly recommend IL stick and happ comp buttons. after modding you will feel exactly like you are playing on a 1990’s US arcade machine. Best of luck with your project and i hope this helps.

Happ/IL competition stick & comp buttons are the best american parts get.

as everyone else said, just go with Happ Comps and a iL Euro.

I grew up like most american kids playing on Happ sticks, I got the MadKatz TE sf4 stick, and cant play for crap on it… i’ve gotten direction and found supporting info saying a different plate on the stick can make it more feel “american” for lack of a better word.

If you’ve got the funds, i’d suggest getting a few and sell off the ones that dont work.

He’s not trying to americanize his TE, he’s just modding the already-American SF Anni Stick.

thanks a whole bunch, you and everyone else…i think i’ll listen to everyone here and go with the il eurostick with happ comp buttons, that seems to be the respectable choice in the american feel. i’ll try the sanwa bat top next time

I like Korean sticks as far as bat-top is concerned (people are going to get sick of me saying this).

Pick up the IL Eurojoystick and IL buttons from Ponyboy in the Trading Outlet. Great quality. Apparently Happ is even cheaping out on their buttons now (no longer using Cherry microswitches), so I wouldn’t recommend anything Happ branded.