Best air combo

What is his best air combo? i was playing online and i saw someone do a normal air combo into his ion beam and i cant do it. if you have a air combo that you think is his best post it here please!

The best Iron air combo I’ve ever seen is this:

Without unfly, it would go like this:
Lk., Hk.,{ sj., Up+Hp., Air Dash forward Up+Hp., Up+Hk., Landed} Repeat in brackets for 14 hits
(I obtained this from Killa Kelly’s Ironman vid)

You can chain both combos to the infinite after, then to proton, and it will kill anyone, due to the multiple feirces & roundhouses.

you don’t even need to proton :] reg infinite will kill

I’ve also been workin on this easier fierce combo, no need for proton

jump in fierce, land, launch, upFP, add, upFP, land, launch, upFP, aduf, upHKxxFLY, nFP+mag assistxxUNFLY, land, launch, upFP, add, upFP, land, launch, upFP, adb, nFP, falling HK, land, nj lk, mp, mk, upFP, land, infinite.

that’s 16 fierces (mags assist does as much damage as a fierce) into flying screen no pc needed to kill