Best 360 stick to buy?

Just purchase a 360 elite and I need a 360 stick! With the up coming release of of SF HD and hyper fighter already available I need a stick like yesterday. I have ps2 and xbox box sticks but no 360 stick. Can anyone recommend a good stick? Preferably with Sanwa parts or one that can be modded into one. Cost is not an issue…

The new VF5 stick or DOA stick.

Best Stick to buy: A custom one here since cost is not an issue. There are several builders in this forum that can build you what you want.

Shoot me an email with what you are looking for and I can begin building next week. More information in my thread.


But actually finding one that is taking orders is hard enough :confused:

Check the post above you…

I am also free, Kaytrim’s work is pretty cool though. Though to be fair, your stick isn’t going to be started until next week.