Beleza Elétrica: The Laura Thread

Well guys, Famitsu has spilled the beans. Laura is the new character from Brazil.

More pics at the link

Edit: Famitsu pulled the pics. Added a pic and link from the SRK story.

Whelp, she’s got a fireball AND a command throw. That’s interesting.

Is being electric a Brazilian thing?

I’ll tell you what is electric, dem tittays HAHAH!!!

…I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me. :s

I wonder what Ono is going to do now. I’m sure he had plenty of teaser images all lined up for her reveal… The electricity would who had people going against the new character and thinking it was blanka… it would have been a fun week… oh well 10/10 would bang

It’s okay. It happens to the best of us. This more than makes up for the underwhelming Zangief reveal.

My friend was right about her being a grappler, I wonder if it’s also true that she’s Sean’s sister?

Well at least she’s electric… An electric grappler is kinda original…

Lord give me strength

Lol, I can see that trailer. Sean shows up in it and everyone’s like “Oh fuck, Sean? We in there!” Then she shows up and shoves him out of the way.

“Boy, get yo ass out the way, you know you ain’t no good!”

Now someone leak the reveal trailer please :o

Not really…

If you literally put white hair on her, she will become a more mature looking Elena

Possibly the most attractive character they’ve ever designed. Reminds me of Christie Monteiro from Tekken, haha

I think I’ve found my main! Lots of signs pointing to it anyway. Can’t wait to see the gameplay. Looks fantastic. And Brazil!

Title should be changed to ‘The Girl From Ipanema.’ :slight_smile:

What I want to know, is if this is an actual projectile.

Dean, from FF3.

Well beyond more females, at least she isn’t blond. Most of the cast are either blond or dark hair.

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