Being a good demon

So I’m actually a veteran at the street fighter series but I’m sitting here working on my Akuma skills and I have to say that he’s quite the pain to use sometimes. I’ve completed all of his trials and put them to use constantly. The only issue that I seem to be having is everyone that I face just crouches and waits to counter my moves. I’m not sure how to go about opening them up for my sick combos. I’m almost to a B plus level but everytime I get close someone has to pull that crap on me and kill my win streak lol. What kind of tips would you give me from your experiences?

…you sure you’re a “veteran”? If they’re blocking, throw.

As a Guile main, the things that frustrates me the most about Akuma is his ability to move across the screen, and his ability to outzone me with red/ex regular fireballs. IMO Akuma the best character in the game because he is a threat anywhere on the screen sporting a multitude of options at any range. High damage output on just about all of his options, and 2 very damaging ultras (albeit hard to utilize against competent players). Teleports, air tatsus, and a moderately fast walk/dash speed. Whats more is that any time Akuma leaves the ground moving forward, it looks like it could be a potential demon flip setup and or an air fireball coming my way. Coax them somehow to come to you, and your overall speed advantage takes over. It just sounds like you are being overly predictable in trying to rush down a defensive player like mad, and you get shut down. With a defensive character, you have to out patient them pretty much because their design is to deal damage off of your mistakes. When they start to get antsy, thats when you can start your mixup shenanigans.

Back up and throw fireballs until they get off downback.


I was thinking the same thing.

A SF veteran who’s completed all the trials and almost B+ ranking.

Can I say top 8 EVO anyone??

Akuma has the fastest walk speed in the game, that + his amazing sweep makes him very dangerous @ footsies in the right hands, his dash is average though. About your username, I gotta ask, is that a reference to MGS’s Big Boss and final fantasy 7? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a huge MGS fan if it’s related to that btw

As for the TC, there is a LOT to Akuma than doing his trials and reaching B+ (points mean nothing), you have to understand how to approach opponents depending on the matchup, use frames traps to break their defense and open 'em up to throws, use the right vortex options on their wakeup depending on their reversals…etc. I’m an Akuma player myself and I suggest going to the Akuma forums and reading a LOT, there’s lots of useful threads there and it’s becoming one of the more organized boards on these forums (updated matchup thread and useful stickies that will guide you in the right direction).