BeginnnersCommunity group for steam-users

Hi all,

having been a lurker on this forum for the past few weeks, i hope my first contribution can be useful for people playing the game through steam. In response to a thread for collecting gamertags on the steamforums, i decided to start up a group for serious players making a start in the game. I figured some people here might have an interest as well. The group is intended as a place for temporary membership. Once you feel like you have a firm grasp on the game, and are ready to fight more advanced players without the usual experience of being destroyed and being left dumbfounded, you unsubscribe and move on to the next group. Anyway, you can join as a steam-user via the following link:

[FONT=Arial]Street fighter IV Beginnerschool[/FONT]

I hope to create a bit of momentum, so we get a small group going that can really benefit for this. Fwiw, i have no intention of spamming, and if it doesn’t pan out it’s okay. I just couldn’t find a similar group myself, felt a desire to have one, and figured more people would. If it would really get going, i will probably leave the role of administrator to someone else. Lol, i guess i want to make sure nobody thinks i’m doing this for some crazy e-rep or something, Believe me when i say i have other stuff on my mind in daily life :slight_smile: I just understand, with the 1-post count it has that spamming-aura around itself, but i hope to participate on this forum in the future in more ways.

I know stream is watching something. But how does that work? Is it no different then say just putting something on youtube? Also if you can, how do I upload matches onto youtube using the game screen without just pointing a camera at it? Never tried either. Seeing the word unsubscribe are you charging something to join this group of yours?

lol, no man i’m afraid you’re getting it all wrong :smiley:

not stReam, but steam, the PC Digital Distribution platform (or something like that), where people sign up to purchase games and play them. It also has the ability for users to create a community that supports a common interest. In this case: beginners that are playing street fighter IV and like to fight each other instead of having their spirits torn apart by advanced players hammering them to oblivion consistently :wink: So, there is no youtube or anything involved, it’s just a free(!) gateway ,primarily to accumulate PC-users GFWL-gamertags and have them added to your ingame friends-list. Of course within the group people can share thoughts and info about the game if they wish to do so. The only thing you need is a subscription to steam, wich is also free (you are not obliged to purchase anything).

You might lerk but you def don’t read. This isn’t match making, this is a question/answer board. Your thread lacks a questions. NOOOOOOOOOOO WHAMMY!

ouch :frowning:

if any moderators feel this thread is not suited for this part of the shoryuken-forums, feel free to move it to wherever you think it’s most appropiate.

You might want to wait until AE hits PC.
Then in the Super forum you could potentially set up a thread for all steam/PC users - if it’s kept clean i’m sure this is fine; run it by a mod if in doubt.
You can also do that in the matchmaking threads, which would be less spammy per se.

Yes, well with the upcoming release you see a lot of beginners (on steam at least) giving sf iv vanilla another crack after catching dust for a long time, so there is definitely a surge in activity at the moment. Myself included by the way, AE has convinced me in buying a HRAP 3 and i figured i might as well train with vanilla (despite all the balancing in the new version) as to right get into the action a bit less handicapped than i wouldve otherwise. We’ve quadruppled overnight with a wopping 4 members now by the way, and having just finished some matches with one of them i thought to myself: hey, this may just work out :slight_smile: It’s nice to not get my teeth kicked right off the bat, eventhough i lost 4-2 anyway lol

is there a threat we can post our steam names on