Beginning SSF4 AE 12, I Need Help

i want to take this game more serious.
i played the the street fighter series causally with a few friends but never took the series serious enough to learn the mechanics, i know the basics of the game but i want to go more in-depth.

I wondering what characters i should learn.

I want Help in

  • Pressure
  • option Select
  • Kara Throws
  • Frame Links
  • Better Planking Methods
    -Safe Block String
  • Knock Down Mixups

Any Help is Appreciated

Hint: Been Playing for a week now and finished RYU, Makoto , Akuma , Guy and Cody Trials.

You have to put the work in yourself . All the information you need can be found through srk, eventhubs, google and youtube. There are many excellent tutorials on youtube from basic gameplay mechanics to advanced character specific set ups ( here’s a headstart- youtube- search vesperarcade) . In the forums you will find more in depth matchup information . In summary , hit up training mode in tandem with internet access for optimal training. As for characters, there are 39, I’m sure there are a few you like. Train hard and play as many talented players as you can to level up. Watch and analyse pro games. Don’t become lazy and accept defeat. Analyse your matches , why you won AND why you lost. Learn from it. Always be willing to learn. Keep hungry, no matter how you achieve that. Be honest and open to criticism, particularly self criticism.

That is impressive, about the trials. However look into what character you want to focus on, in the beginning it is okay if you change your mind later, however choose one. Then go to that character’s threads, work on the basics before combos or you’ll be one of those people who can execute the highest damage combos, but very rarely get a chance to use them.

The help you seek is dependent on what character you choose to use.

The best advice I can give you is that you have to put the time in. SF requires 2 main things, experience with matchups and execution.

Thanks 4 advice however I might drop this game because of online lag which is bad for a heavy execution base game and how tiers work in this game ( fei long , Cammy , Sagat , Akuma , Rufus) Also the Unblockables. Plus my friends gave up to play injustice ( I hate injustice because of the Lag and matchmaking)

Ps:I already saw vasperarcade videos

Don’t base your game play off of online play, online play will mess with your head big time. I learned that a long time ago did not start getting good playing other people once I stopped playing online . Use online to learn match up’s and see how people react learn mind games master your skill’s offline . my rog online is good once i took him into the offline world I had to do allot of adjustment because what works online don’t always work offline . play online for fun