Beginner Viper Player

How do I exactly start? I haven’t ever played Viper before, but I have a good amount of experience and knowledge by playing the shotos, sagat, the twins, fei, adon, and a bunch of other characters. Viper looks like an extremely technical but rewarding character. Where do I exactly start at? Especially if I don’t have much time to practice my execution.

C.Viper Guide to just about everything and SSF4 AE C.Viper Match-up Thread

You are going to have to practice execution, a lot, no shortcuts.

edit: try doing her trials if you haven’t already. It’ll touch on a lot of her advanced techniques.

If you don’t have much time, then I wouldn’t try to main her. She requires much more practice to stay sharp than most other characters. Especially since her fundamentals are nothing like the shotos. Spacing and execution is entirely different.

need lots of time before you can even become decent.
execution is very strict.
even learning something like seismo chain takes time.

Get used to losing for a long time.

for me i had to learn links then FFF. once i learned that i needed to learn the matchups but im still pretty bad with the viper bison match up

i made thisfor a friend but mabe it can help you let me know if it dose it will be making a new one with better quialty and i will

Learn to feint each normal start with lp feint and work your way up to hp, learn FFF ex seismo mp tk hp tk as a punish in the corner and FFF ex seismo bk for midscreen.