Beginner in trouble

Hello everybody. I’m a french street fighter 5 player since February. I play since about 10 months but I can’t rank up. I’m still block in bronze league. And it makes me upset.
I red From masher to master recently. I thought I’ve understand a lot of things from it but obviously not. I train my Ryu’s basics every day then go to ranked. But it’s like I can’t reach the next step in my game. I’m OK in training mode but when a real fight comes it’s like I never played this game before. No AA , awful timing… Today I really don’t know how to do. I’m kind of lost. Is there anyone to help me ? Thanks.

Your rank does not matter.

How you play the game does matter. Stay in casual matches or go into battle lounges and play matches. Then when you lose badly review your matches with the replay function.

or post them in the ryu thread so people can help you there.

Thanks for your answer. If anyone here wants to train or play casual match with me, here is my PS4 id : Bikiio.
By the way. I think my footsie game sucks.
I can’t find the “momentum”. It’s like when a match starts I can’t do anything but block. In training mode I train to AA with DPs and it’s ok but I’m too stressed in a real match that I can’t. It’s like my brain stop’s working in real matchs. Is anyone have the same problem there and some tips to get out of it ?

You should try to take a step back then. If you can’t AA with DP, AA with Buttons.

To build momentum out of blocking, you need to understand where the holes in the offense of your opponent are and start punishing when you can. Also start using your CC buttons while playing footsies and practice follow-ups when you land them. You’ll be surprised how much momentum you can build just out of one well placed CC.

Thanks Retard !
I’ll try to focus on the holes in my opponent’s attack. I don’t use any CC moves yet that’s right because they’ve got “a lot” of startup frames so I’m kind of scared to use it.
st.HP is 7 and st.HK is 10 (startup frames). I use cr.HPxxMK tatsu / DP to punish unsafe moves. Or kind of st.MP, st.MP hit confirm into shoryuken. Does it sound good ?
Hum and sorry for my (bad) English too.

A main reason why you’re so defensive is probably because you have no gameplan nor knowledge of what you can do and when yet. When you don’t know what outcomes your moves will lead to you’re pretty much left with observing your opponent and punishing when you can. Now, a Ryu that DPs mostly never does it on reaction; he usually baits the jump-in either by throwing fireballs or by pressing some buttons to confuse the opponent about what he’s thinking. When he needs to react to a jump-in he rather uses st. LP, but even in that case he was mostly expecting it.

The step from doing a thing in training mode to doing it in a real match is never really easy, because in training mode you recreate artificially a situation that happens randomly or may not happen at all in a real match. I may have learned to do the cutest reset mixups ever in training, but if my opponent never jumps at me or never does it at the right angle it’s useless.
I think you should really go into casual/ranked/battle lounge with a plan: what do I want to learn today? Is it AA with DP? Then you focus your attention during the whole match at their jump-ins while creating situations where they want to jump.

I think long sets in battle lounges are more suited to learn stuff than ranked though. In ranked you have two shots at best at understanding your opponent and you’re under extreme pressure of losing your points. In a FT5 though you have a lot of time to think about what is killing you and how to get around that. Are you getting crush-countered to death? Then you should start pressing less buttons on wake-up or when you’re frame trapped. Does your opponent tick throw you all the time? Learn to reversal when he uses lights in your face. Try different strategies when you have an issue - you have a lot of time for that in lounges.

P.S. with Ryu you can link st. MP to cr. HP and then cancel into whatever you want, it’s 1f faster and it’s therefore easier to land as a punish. About your heavy buttons, just learn to use them at the proper range, but honestly aside from st. HK (which whiffs on crouchers) and sweep Ryu mostly plays with his mediums and lights.

Thanks a lot for your answer. I actually try to create situations where i make my opponent jump-in. I try to land fireballs at good range in that purpose. Not the range to hit him but the range where i can DP immediatly after. But it’s hard. Because when i focus on a particular thing i’m not able to do anything else. I will try to punish with st.MP to cr.HP now.
I’m in trouble with another thing. When my opponent is agressive and put me on blockstring I don’t know when it’s “my turn to hit”. When i think it’s good, they backdash but i hited a button and then he traps me with another combo. So difficult for me to know when i must hit a button, and which button.

You need to calm down dude. You’re too stressed out when you play online. It’s just a game. No one is going to come to your house and kill you and your family because you got hit by an attack or because you lost. When you’re so nervous and stressed out that you can’t think straight, you’re never gonna win. After 10 months of playing consistently you should have broken this habit by now. The more you do something, the more comfortable you become with it. If you’re not putting enough time into the game put more in. Do 3 hours of matches back to back every night after school/work. More if you can/like it. What you’re describing is how I was the first month or two of playing SF5 as it was my first serious fighting game. Now I yomi the hell out of jump ins and can bait dps, etc. You just have to calm down.

Pretty sure he doesn’t think someone is going to come to his house and kill him because he lost a match.
Telling someone to calm down isn’t very helpful. He knows it’s just a game. That isn’t helping his AA’s or his timing.

3 Hours !!! Wait, I know this is way way OFFF topic. Study for 3 hours a day after school/work and I guarantee you will score a 90th Percentile in SAT/GMAT/GRE.

You might never reach the top 10 percent in a fighting game but that scholarship worth way more is waiting for you.