Beginer Ken

Ok, well. I am pretty new to capcom vs snk2 EO.

I have chosen to use ken and I want to know some basics , so I can start with a good foundation to work on. So far this is how I play:

I throw fire balls from far. When I go in for a hit, I jump kick then sweep or something. then I just try to get em with shorukens and spin kicks for the rest of the match, I also try and get off supers which works sometimes but they usually get blocked.

First of all, I need to know some new advanced ways of playing with ken because I know the way I am playing isn’t very effective. My main problem is that I always get cornered, and then pounded. It seems when I let go of block (back) to jump or get out of a combo I just get hit more.

Please give me some beginer pointers, thx.

Ok, I’ve never really managed to put my Ken into words. It’s really techy. I’ll do my best though.

To start off, I’d like to say that for the longest time, I basically never used Ken’s hadouken except to stuff the opponent when they wake up or for chip damage if they block on wake-up. If you play like this for a long time, as in basically without hadoukens, it will indefinately benefit you in the end. Don’t get me wrong, hadoukens have a use, what I’m saying is that what I did was master as much Ken as I could before learning to incorperate the hadouken into his bread and butter combos, and into my general strategy as a whole. So I’ve gone from virtually no hadoukens to using them to bait, to gain meter, to chip, to stuff wake-ups, to end B&B combos, etc… In taking this path I feel it has overall improved the potential of my Ken.

Secondly, one of Ken’s ‘weak points’ is his hurricane. Or rather, that’s what everyone will say. The fact that his hurricane kick (qcb + kick) does not cause a knockdown in your opponent is something many consider to be a major weakness that places him under Ryu and Akuma. This is rightfully so, because this move is usually punishable even if squarely landed by itself or after a combo. An example of the hurricane’s misuse is qcb + RH. Vague description eh? Well, that’s because there is little room for the use of the roundhouse (hk) hurricane kick in Ken’s ground game… it will only hurt you. Ken’s Hurricanes have good uses however. Obviously when used in the air you can gain extra height, distance, or air time, or for an advanced method, use the TK Hurricane for anti-cross-up and quick getaway. Since you’re new to CvS2, I’ll quickly describe TK. It stands for Tiger Knee motion, which has its origins in SF Alpha. In the case of the hurricane, you press down, down + back, back (qcb), up + back + RH. Basically you fly backwards across the screen while hurricane kicking. Back on topic, there are a few major uses for a hurricane kick:

-they build meter fast
-they have more priority while jumping than a j.RH
-the short kick version is great for ground-based play
-the TK HK is a great anti-cross-up

Basically, using the H.K. on the ground should mostly only be done with short kick, which is very fast, gains meter very fast, carries priority, and is rather safe. Sure, even if you hit they have a small chance to hit you when you land, but I find it’s safe 9 times out of 10 if you add a jab shoryuken to the end of it in the form of what I call a “broken link”. Even if they just jab, the SRK will plaster them if you throw it out neatly as you land. The short HK is also great for baiting, and sometimes from full screen I’ll even bother to take advantage of its speed by quickly throwing it out randomly for meter. Reasons for using a different strengths of HK on the ground include using it to proceed over a horizontal projectile to hit the opponent, using a different strength at point blanks for switch-ups… both of which have limited value and I don’t generally recommend. There are alternatives.

The jumping Hurricane Kick is great for situations in which you and your opponent meet in the air. I’m finding success with this move while jumping more and more, and vs. taller characters, you’ll even find it works great as a jump-in and if you time it right, you can cross-up with it. At any rate, unless you need trip-guard, you should always use this right before you land if nothing else, just for meter gaining purposes.

I’ll add more material later.

I mentioned before that you can almost always succeed coming out of a Hurricane Kick with a jab Shoryuken. Although this is true, I wouldn’t abuse this tactic vs. P/K-Groove opponents for reasons that should be obvious. Also, if any opponent has meter, that makes this dangerous as well. This is all stuff you should be considering and thinking up yourself however, so don’t mind if I occassionally pardon mentioning when this is rellevant.

Moving on, I should mention that if there was only one special move Ken had, it should definately be the Shoryuken, more specifically, the jab Shoryuken. If it’s one special all Ken players eventually learn to love, it’s jab Shoryuken. I simply cannot emphasize how many sticky situations this can get you out of! I also can’t emphasize it’s safety and strategical value in any form. Don’t abuse it, but do use it. I can’t just say a move is great right? I gotta mention why…

Universal Shoryuken Properties:
-invincible on the way up
-great anti-air (duh)
-good damage
-the ultimate wake-up

Jab SRK Specific Properties:
-uber priority
-comes out in 1 or 2 frames (not sure)
-VERY safe
-fast altogether
-still evil damage even in jab form
-can be put to good use even in ground tactics
-stuffs Cammy, Blanka, Sagat… anyone

There’s really not much of any need to roll cancel an SRK, it’s more or less a waste of time. I’ll leave it up to you to decide how you wanna incorperate the jab Shoryuken into your strategies.

I’ll add more yet later.

Um, I generally disagree with Orochi_Shoto. I think the RH hurricane kick is useful BECAUSE it doesn’t knock the opponet down. I always end it with a FP shoryuken. After a while, people will start to look for it, so change it up with a roll (if your groove as it). Also, when an oponet is getting up, the b,db,b+K is a good move. Maybe this is just against the people I play, because it seems to me that after 3 or 4 times they’d figure it out, but they dont seem to. Its all a judgement call, really. Also, his F+RH has good range. most people aren’t lookin for it, and think you can’t hit them from that distance.

Also, this is just for C-Groove, but I find that if you lvl2XXb,db,b+kick works pretty well. Youll both hit the ground that the same time, so they dont have any advantadge with a wake up.

Just my input. definitaly develop your own deal, though. Somethings that I do people hate, but they work, and vice versa. Mess around, see what you like. later

Actually qcb + RH -> fierce shoryuken gets very… very stuffed. if you MUST RH hurricane, then use jab shoryuken. Even so, I won’t by any means advise you to use RH hurricane on the ground because even if you try to tag a shoryuken on the end of it, it won’t work often, and it’s unsafe. Using qcb + short kick hurricane linked to jab DP is much safer, and even that isn’t recommened by most. Using fierce shoryuken after a hurricane comes out far too slow to work against anyone with skill. But altogether, roundhouse hurricane will change the pace of the match negatively. It’s so easy to punish. Ken’s floppy kick (Ryukyaku is it?) is a very, VERY good attack IMO. It’s rather easy to punish in some respects, but it can be a big factor in Ken’s ground game and mind games, especially RCed. I’m not gonna go to in-depth with this because I intend to elaborate on it later. Other than the hurricane despute, I mostly agree with what manji has to say.

This needs to be bumped and hopefully I’ll get to adding more soon…

Just a couple of points…

jumping QCB.LK is certainly the best jump in… it has a pretty high priority to beat out other jumping players, if you do hit each other, he will hit the deck while you get to land on your feet.
if your rushing, i normally go for a jumping LKquickly followed by a QCB.LK, if done quickly you can get a extra hit in on the way down, then mix it up with C.LK and QCB.LK, if they’re in the corner and blocking low, then drop in a RDP.LK to catch them off guard.
only use the DP.HP against jump ins, just make sure they are not empty, the rest of the time stick to DP.LP

I agree that the hurricane kick sux for ken unless he is in the air. Light punch dragon puch has invincibitly frames. Basically you can avoid almost everything with that move. Um…build meter with hcf +lk (funky kick) when people are turtling. When you sweep and they block do a fireball with fp to chip them and avoid getting comboed. Jumping Mk is his crossover. Learn his BnBs. Qcf x2 + k is anti air super. Links are a must with any shoto. Example Crossover mk crouching mp link to crouching lp link crouching mk then super or fireball. That’s one of his harder ones I guess. I’m not sure just cuz i’ve been doing them for so long. Anything else you wanna know just post.


hey guys
any tips for n-groove ken?
and what’s CC?

have any of u guys used, as a wakeup move?

I dont usually look at frame data :sad: but I’ve read some where on srk that qcb.k has really good start up… :xeye:

I use qcb.k to run away. :tup: I need to find more uses for it though? :confused:

Never really tried it honestly, but unless they’re out of range, the best wake-up is consistantly jab shoryuken from my experience.