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Ok so ive recently started playing urien and get the fact that as a base players he’s about pokes , but im kinda gettin bashed whats does a urien played need to know ?? :tup:
cheers Phix

aegis, partitions, and buffers, mix-ups…keep your opponent guessin and while they are guessing corner’em and hit them with a c.HP double corner tackle or an aegis…also learn the midscreen unblockable…poke with his c.MK or n.MK his fierce punch is good…just basically Urien is a solid character who doesnt need tricks to win just solid game play unblockables and punish them with the aegis anytime you get a chance…stay away from makoto and akuma…

Yea im kinda getting that down and yes makoto is a bitch lol . Wich midsreen unblockable ? i know a few and basic partitions and the charge buffers spose it just comes with time and practice :tup:

Well I could tell you a million tricks combos and tactics lol but that would take all day, just look at a thread that you fancy.

But heres one little neat trick I thought of and have recently been using: If you do tackle (doesnt matter if its blocked) into fierce aegis then dash towards your opponent, instead of throwing them to get them into the unblockable position (after headbutting over of course), you should use a move with frame advantage like cr.jab into headbutt. Now heres the tricky part, you need to charge partition, once during the animation freeze of the super and then once during the dash. Why do it? Answer is suspect opponents will most likely tech your throw, hence you want a move with frame advantage, so that you dont get thrown instead!

What is RH (rh) and DP (dp).

RH = Roundhouse / Hard Kick

DP = Dragon Punch / Dragon Punch motion

Cheers Raju and congrats again for the win on sunday :tup:
Keep it comming people :clap: