Been out of the loop for a while, which pcb's are in?

I did some searching but couldn’t find anything exclusive, does anyone know the best/easiest pcb setup for a dual modded custom stick? My last one used an ancient xbox madcatz stick with a mc cthulhu and imp board, I was wondering if there was a new/easier way to get 360 compatibility other than tearing apart a controller? Is it cost effective to tear apart the new 3-in-1 sticks for their pcb? All the PCB’s are sold out on lizardlick so I’m not sure if there are other pcb options available.

There is still no easy PCB for Xbox 360 other than opening a Controller.

All the PCB shown on Lizard Lick is still being sold by the person who created them.
And is always in stock.

The Paewang PCB and PS360+ have Xbox 360.
But those are better used in a Custom Arcade Stick.
Putting into a production Arcade Stick is a waste of the original PCB.

Thanks man!! That was exactly what I was looking for. Read lizardlick’s thread, I hope things are going better for chad. Have been buying from him since 2007.