Bee Gees' singer Robin Gibb dies after cancer battle

first Donna Summer, and now Robin Gib. this month cant get any worse.

Death to Disco!

Celebrity death thread?

MCA, Donna Summer, now Robin Gibb…cancer is a bitch.

And Whitney last month or so. Grim Reaper’s updating his playlist.

Nobody went for the obvious pun. Good!

Biggest bitch in the whole wide world.

Too soon?


Poor Barry. As a Brisbane man, my heart is bleeding right now.

So much for immortality.

You jinxed it.

Whatever niggas, the music is immortal.


Jae can hate on disco all he wants. I dare him to try and hate on the nuthuggin’ jeans.

Now excuse me while I pay my respects by struttin in legwear I can’t even move in.