Becoming Vega?

is it true that if you play vega long enough you become him?..for example you might call some things “disgusting” or “hideous”…or spend extra time in the mirror? I was just noticing some posts where like that in this forum…

(im a vega player as well and wish to eliminate the ugly…) << DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN…

I’ve been using Vega all my life and I agree with you… Sometimes I spend more time in the mirror than my girlfriend does!

My cousin mains Cammy and he adopts two cats, lol

I do spend a lot of time in the mirror… but that is because I am beautiful.
And beauty is the only truth in this world.

On a serious note. There are guys that take this Vega thing way too far. That booster from live PC - LeoVegaBrasil - says that he hates SF and he just plays the game because of Vega. He is also planning to make a tatoo just like Vega’s. If you see his account on youtube, you will either puke or laugh.
Seriously, dont go in there.

I clicked on his video page and saw a picture of some guy’s ass. Alt+f4 was never pressed faster.

I do innapropiate things by thinking about Claw…

Seriously…is this a “Sonic Pasion style-thread”? Cowers in fear

I like to think that you are who you are, and when you meet a like soul it’s like a mirror of sorts. I have always thought the pain of others whom I feel deserve it is quite delicious. Also, I’m probably one of the few people who actually feel that beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, and that there is such a thing as universal beauty, and for that matter universal ugliness.

Lol actually i once quoted Vega on my facebook when it comes to modern day women if that counts for something.
Beauty is only skin deep, beneath yours lies a wretched creature.

That’s not a Vega quote, that’s Dhalsim’s win quote against Vega.

This thread is gay.

Ugh, don’t talk like a shoto mainer Styles, you’re one of us.

Your vocabulary has much better descriptive capabilities, use them.

Este hilo es gay

I think my ways as a person has more to do with me liking vega more than any other SF character than looks. I won’t help anyone unless there’s some way I can benefit from it *harsh but I was born into insane conditions and has been thrown under the bus emotionally and physically and til this day some ppl still can’t give me answers as of why * I use girls for my personal gratification w/out considering how they would feel once they found out i’ve just been using them harsh but b4 I came better looking in my teens took a whole lotta shit off of the opposite sex hit the gym hard everyday to achieve that 10/10 body like vega right now i’m 7/10 at best. And honestly don’t have any real feeling for anyone I can only do what’s right by others because I know it’s the right thing to do but in all honestly I couldn’t care less family/friends or not, you cross me and I will shit on you HARD.

When i izuna dropped my boss and called him ugly, i got fired.
When i tried to take my giant claw, wearing a mask through customs in an effort to go to EVO2012 they did not allow me passage.
When i beat up my girlfiend and said “thank you for a gorgeous time” , she dumped me.
When i told my grandpa “You are nothing but a heap of rotting garbage, destined for the furnace.” my family left me

Woes of a long time vega player…, but at least im getting better at playing him!!

Seriously, I think that a Claw player who would find himself praising at his beauty, or saying this thing is beautiful, or this thing is ugly… would just be lying to himself.

We’re gamers man. And, if there is indeed a kind of specific spirit among Claw players, we’re just here to have fun and keep pushing our abilities.

I don’t mean I’ve never said a fight was beautiful. I mean that, before I said so, I said « GG ». :wink:

Vega’s favorite music. Seriously, look at the lyrics. I always remember of Vega while listening to this one.

I could quote the part that it remembers him. But then I would need to post the whole lyrics.

some people think vega players are crazy, and I guess thats because they speak “vega talk”…lol

I once told this foul beast of a woman “you are an embarassment to my eyes” and walked away…felt good…

Nice, but not spanish enough for my tastes.


What music could be more beautiful to Claw’s eyes than his own theme ? :wink:

Vega’s theme is the best music I found in all video games I have ever played… really a serious musical masterpiece.

that was one of the reasons I picked up this character when I was a child.