Beating kobun/commando

ok… i’ve been experimenting alot with my sentinel, since i do suck with him… there’s this guy that just moved into the dorm room next to mine this semester, and he’s pretty good… he uses servbot/doom/commando whenever i use a sentinel on my team. it’s like this…

if i try to stomp him, he’ll call capcom. by the time i unfly, blcok, and fly again, he’s on the other side of the screen, giving him enough time to call capcom again if needed, and restart the cycle. usually if i get him in the corner, i can’t kepe him there, even with doom rocks, cuz his capcom will get me eventually. any help on beating this kobun mastah :rolleyes: would be appricaited

lol…this is so wrong.

just ghetto trap him like u would against megaman.

[c.hp(call storm proj)xxlk drones]xN

i hate traps though… and he’s good enough to guard cancel out… lol. he’s good… just he uses kobun


yeh, i know my sentinel is teh weaksauce

Keep his ass out. It’s not like Servbot is going to rush you down and do any damage.

Thats probably why your not good with sent.

Sents best strat is keep way with the ability of ruch down.

Stay back and cheese him to death. You knew the answer! Why make a thread?

He’s running from you obviously, do it to him.:slight_smile:

how do i get him in guard stun though? rp’s don’t hit, cuz he’s smarter than that to get hit by a random rp, and spits don’t touch him either

It doesnt matter. you just wanna zone him out w/ the c.hpXX lk drones(in my example). It sort of takes away from kobun’s ground game… and he has no air game.

if you have doom(AA) or storm(proj), they can do the damage.

Don’t use Sentinal:rolleyes: …

how about try attack his assist more than the lego man? RP his assist xxx HSF. I wouldn’t worry about the lego man so much, since its the assist thats giving you more trouble. Sorry I couldn’t be much help since I’ve never fought a good/decent Kobun.:lol:

yeah, what i’ve been doing is pushing him, dashing back, and calling ironman - PROJECTILE, to get rid of doom, then RP xx HSF, xx PROTON CANNON doom’s ass…

i changed my team up to sent/iron/capcom for this fight. and i basically ***ed him with that… surprisingly, IM’s projectile isn’t bad

Whats kobun?

Thats what they call servebot on the jap version.

Oh ok. Thanx. I hate that punk bastard. But all you really got to do is kill his partners and if you really can hit him, just use runaway if you have one until the time runs out or he dies. And if you had Cable on your team H. King,it would be way easy. But I know you think hes a dull character.

about kobun

yeah, this is the right thing to do kill his partners right away because he only depends on the assist. your sents,imo and capcom is good match up of his team.

Thank you.

Zone him out Cobun should’t hit you with anything but assists and supers. Meaning he can’t get inside. If you cant get inside he can’t do good damage.

C.HP + assist (projectile type if you have one) xx fly, stomp, dogdge assist, stomp some more, rinse repeat.

Theres no way in hell Servbot should be beating any Sentinel! Not even a scrubby one. lol

Stop trying to rush him down. From full screen you will do way more damage to him than he will to you.

what’s the c.fp for? You do know it whiffs on a standing servbot, and if you wanna stop him from jumping with your projectile assist… assuming that don’t go under him either, s.fp is better.

the c.fierce brackets servbot really well. He can only go forward and back. his most useful specials don’t put sent in hitstun, and kobun’s assits will get hit should it be called out.

kobun has crappy options, even if he does decide to do something… and the constant fierce, drones, assist proj chipps like a bitch[you don’t even need to risk stomps.]

Bait out capcom, that’s what I try to do with sent against capcoms.

Um, Jake - He goes under s.Fp too lol. Were not worried about stopping him from jumping. We want to zone him out. Both stand and crounching FP are good projectiles to keep him away. The farther he is, the less you have to worry about. Let him jump all he wants. He’s either gonna run into commando or sj.fp.

The best strat against servebot is to zone him out. period. You not gonna keep a rice grain size character in block stun. Trust me.

P.S. Thank you, gbursine.