Beating giants....

So, its hard enough to do already when fighting against most giants. I try to high jump and dash away and keep shooting. It works sometimes, but then I came against this guy that keeps using baroque, and that’s impossible to beat…anyone come across that before? I never thought of it, but you just saw someone with the giant robot, then baroque and then block some hits and you can do that again and again…I hate having to ragequit people just because they are being gay

Baroque is impossible to beat…?

Last I checked, you can block and even Mega Crash a baroque if necessary. Just use the Yami strategy for fighting giants. Block and wait for them to do a laggy move that you can punish.

If they grab you, just mash your face buttons and the analog stick and you’ll almost always break out of the grab. The only real way to be totally screwed against giants is if your match is laggy as hell and they are grab spammers.

This guy wasn’t grab spamming, he was just sawwing mostly and ramming. But the thing is, once you screw up though, then he is able to punish you. All he has to do with block 1 little thing and have the tiniest amount of red life. He was baroque-ing every chance he got. Its not like other matches where you see baroque once every few combos or w/e

sounds like your opponent knows what to do and is abusing your inability to respond. switch to tekka or somebody with command grabs

Er… isn’t that what’s supposed to happen when you screw up?

Anyway, some characters are just inherently poor at dealing with giants, but most at least have some tools to use against them if you play patiently and don’t do something stupid. Consult the character boards for your characters if you wanna know what options they have against giants.

Yes, that’s what you are supposed to do. The guy above suggested waiting until the giant messes up then punish, but I just think it’s easier to mess up going against a giant cause you can’t phase them, and then they are able to punish even harder. I tend to use just capcom characters =/ Ryu, roll, alex, zero, few more. I’ll look into the boards, the only giant dealer I know of is karas…

If you play him, megaman pretty much counters the two giants on his own…

Here’s the problem. You’re obviously trying to punish giants after they do something fast like a punch. Wait for things like Gold Lightan’s drop kick or PTX’s chain saw swipe. Both of those moves have a lot of ending lag, and it there you want to hit them with some normal attacks to biuld up your meter, or go for a super if you got the bars for it.

I’m all for a ‘how do I beat giants thread’ in general discussion, but not one with a first post like this one.