Beating ChunLi

Can’t seem to find any of the older threads for some reason (I did use the options in this forum).
Anyway what are some good ways of beating WhoreLi with our fav. G-Mutant?

run. and be hard, really really hard to catch.

that back step that dodges throws is cute too.

Keep a 4 leaf clover in your ass also.


i tend to go for alot of ambiguous airdash-crossup RHs on her
and i do alot of runaway since she seems to be easier to juggle than other chars if you catch her with an anti air NDL (from far if you are playing runaway) so go for another NDL for the juggle (this prob does pitance dmg but what do you want)
when she has meter st. RH is unsafe
i enjoy this mathcup
even though is uck

About Cross-over HK; I once played against and offensive Chun player and he locked down my air game preventing me from hitting him while airdashing. Is there a good normal I can use while airdashing that can help me with this?

Use MP or MK while air-dashing if you see her jumping. If that doesn’t work, try high jumping into air-dash then do HK, also use EX D.R.A… alot. That should keep any character grounded. It’s not very safe to air-dash Chun-li or any character while they are not grounded. Air-dash should only be use as an evasive tactic IMO. I can say that almost all Chun’s I’ve played I had the upper hand using rush down, hell of a mix-up game, an EX D.R.A. alot.

On a side note, I was in training mode with Twelve and I was parring Chun’s SA2and found out an interesting fact. If you parry the first hit of Chun’s SA2 you can counter-act with your SA1 special. I also found it is alot easier to red parry with Twelve then with any other character I use.

Thanks for the help S_A, I’ll implement this the next time I fight a Chun :tup:

Also try using IAD (Instant Air-Dash) instead of an air-dash if you aren’t already using it. It’s faster of course an it’s harder for your opponent to react to. Also go to youtube and type Yamazaki Twelve and watch his matches. You’ll learn alot from them. I know I did! :smokin:

maliciously rubs hands Simpsons-style
Thanks, oh and I do AID; UF, F :wink:

Run away a lot. She can’t catch you as well as some other characters can plus the more distance you have, the less she can use her BS pokes.

  • If Chun jumps after you (unlikely) then use your normals anti-airs - EX NDL, XNDL, jab xx LP whippy hands, whatever. Her jump is nice and floaty, so you have plenty of time to react to it. If Chun is trying to meet you in the air with double HP, blast through it with an EX air dive. Sometimes her jumping angle lets you walk under and do cr.LK xx jab whippy hands xx XNDL from the other side but I doubt you’ll ever find a decent Chun who will jump at you from this angle.

  • If you get knocked down, tech-roll > back dash is a surprisngly effective way of resetting distance. Twelve’s back dash has no start-up frames and is considered airborne, which means Chun’s cr.MK won’t catch you. I’ve posted about it on this forum before I think.

  • If she is close, around cr.MK range, be very careful poking her away. I like to sit in crouch block for a while, see what she does and backdash. If you try and poke her away with cr.LK or cr.MK, it’s NOT in your favour. Chun can just slap in low parries all day and wait for you to stick out a limb which means cr.MK xx SAII while if you hit her, you’ll only ever get one poke’s worth of damage out of it. OBVIOUSLY you don’t want to do the same thing every time but favour the backdash (or if you want to mix it up, jump back HP).

  • If you get stuck in the corner, you’re pretty much forced into a jump > air dash out of there, so be careful. DON’T jump > air dive because Chun can SAII the recovery, she has plenty of time to do it. Because being in the corner sucks, you want to take action ahead of time and get out of there. If you can see the corner on the screen, it’s too late, so try and keep the action in the middle of the screen if you can.

  • If Chun is stuck in the corner, you can attack her to a certain extent, especially after a knockdown. She has no decent anti-air bar EX Spinning Bird Kick, which doesn’t hurt too much and costs her meter. The usual stuff all works - air dash > HK, air dash > MK (whiff) > throw, air dash > LP, air dash > air whippy hands (for chip), etc. Just be aware that it only takes one successfully parry for Chun to land that cr.MK xx SAII, so weigh up the risk vs reward. Are you losing in the match? Does Chun have a super? Do YOU have a super? Etc.

I guess the important thing is to take the lead early and keep it. If you have to start attacking Chun, the match-up slides massively in her favour because a successful parry means cr.MK xx SAII while back + HP beats almost all of Twelve’s air-dash options (think Elena’s back + HK). If you do need to attack Chun (and it’s much better to just tag her every now and then while she’s chasing you), aim for the spot directly above her head. She can’t poke there and it’s difficult for her to anti-air, especially if you can EX dive her neutral jump on reaction.

And remember, while you might think it’s cool mixing her up with all your IAD shenanigans, all it takes for Chun is one cr.MK and your last 50 seconds of work will be undone.

And never ever press HK on the ground if Chun has meter. Even if it hits her, she can reversal SAII you.

Shin_Akuma_ has listed some good ones but you can do HP whippy hands in the air too. The start-up is a little slow but it beats everything, hits multiple times, is safe if parried and sets up some Twelve pressure afterwards (if that’s what you’re into). If I get beaten out in the air a lot and I’m not fighting Ken, this will usually be my fallback move. It doesn’t work so well on characters who have air-to-airs with range but that’s where EX dive or MP/MK come in. MK seems to work a little more consistently than MP, IMO.

Shame there’s not much more input on this thread, would love to hear some more strats on how Twelve deals with Chun.

Anyway, two more things I found out tonight that’s worth noting:

  • Twelve’s cl.MP actually whiffs against a crouching Chun! Wtf! I’m surprised I never found this before but then again, it’s not like Twelve should be fishing for parries right up in Chun’s face. So yeah, remember this if you parry Chun really close, do cr.LK xx qcb + LP xx X.N.D.L rather than cl.MP xx X.N.D.L.

  • Twelve’s cr.HK beats Chun’s back + HP. Risky if she has meter but a good way of discouraging her from building it.

Tough match-up but far more fun that fighting Ken.

Stay away from her.Plain and simple. She is a rusher and can kill fast at close range.

Surprizingly if you can keep distance and play defense you have a slight advantage towards her. Parry is your friend. Instant SA2 off option select can keep her honest at a distance. Close up SHE WILL RAPE YOU…BAD…unless you can effectively grab rush and mixup. Keep a distance most of her more powerful combos are in her close ,quasi-mid range sweetspot. Do your best to stay away from her and play stout defense.

At far/mid range its not so lopsided IF you play VERY good defense on her.

IAD,Parry(on the way up while jumping), and Instant SA2 can keep her honest.

Can you explain what you mean by this?

It’s probably just me being a dumbass but I don’t get what option select you’re talking about or why you’d rather use SA2 in this match-up.

When is it your friend? Not up close because she has a hit confirm that beats low parries (back + HP) and high parries (cr.MK), so a wrong guess means Chun lands SAII while a correct guess gives you a less damaging super. So the risk vs reward isn’t in Twelve’s favour.

This goes double if you’re not close enough to land super or if you don’t even have super, what are you going to punish with? Reward for parry = single poke, risk if you guess wrong = Chun gets SAII.

Pokes I use are usually just max range lp and very occasional, nothing clever. I usually just try to keep a decent space between us and sparingly use to build meter for EX N.D.L. and EX D.R.A, and occasionally high-jump for hk shenanigans.

I think backdash, EX N.D.L. and EX D.R.A. (when they are both carefully-used) are his best weapons in this match. They cover the ground and the air, and are okay damage (considering this is Twelve).