Beat By Contest - February 2011 - Switzerland - Mago, J.Wong, R.Ortiz, Marn and more

BEAT BY CONTEST 19-20 February 2011 Lausanne Switzerland

Beat By Contest (soon)
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BEAT BY CONTEST what is it ?

A Super Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360) tournament, organised by Warp-Zone Entertainment and nif-events, aiming for creating an international VS Fighting event in Switzerland.
Japanese player Mago, and US Evil Geniuses team Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz and Marn will be there too.
Another japanese player could join too (more about this later).

Where is Lausanne?

Lausanne is on the french side of Switzerland. It takes about 1 hour to go there from Geneva International Airport.
Shuttles will be available to take guys who took the plane to go to the event.

BEAT BY CONTEST, what kind of tournament?

The event will have 2 tournaments. The first one is a 2on2, and the second one (most important) is single. A surprise will maybe happen once on the spot!

What are the rules and how does it cost? How much can I win?

For 1on1 tournament, same rules as Evolution Championship.
That means:

At the beginning of the tournament, players will be split in groups of 8 people (or more). The group’s size will depend on tournament size, of course. Each group is managed as a double elimination, until 2 players remain. These players will go to the final stage.

The player in loser bracket will start the final stage in loser bracket. The one in winner bracket will start final stage in winner bracket.

Matches are BEST OF 3 ROUNDS and set are BEST OF 3 GAMES.

You can change your character between 2 sets, but only the loser can.
However, both players can change their ultra when they want.

So, you will need to win 2 matches of 2 rounds to win a set and go to the next level.

The rules for 2on2 tournament will be voted on Hit Combo, Fighting Games Magazine

Tournaments will cost 20 CHF (= about 20 USD). No entry fee, so people who just want to “watch” will be welcome.

Cash prize for solo tournament will depend on the number of players. More information soon.

The 2on2 tournament will have prize, but not cash.

Trophy will be funny. More information to come about this :wink:

What about streaming? I want to be a star on the internet!

There will be normally 2 streaming (french and english). We are organizing this with the hall manager.

Where can I sleep?

We are checking the lowest cost hotel in Lausanne area at the moment. More information to come.

Like I said many times in this post, more information will come :slight_smile:


official site is open: