Beast Coast Productions [Image Design]

i just got a job making mixtape covers, and i need a gallery to showcase my work. so its time for a new site. i’ll be working on that soon, but in the mean time, this thread will show some of my work off. hope you guys like it. my other thread (Motoki Concept Art) will be just for drawings. this will be for the computer images i do-aside from avatars. some covers i will draw and then scan and alter in photoshop…

(if this thread just has to be moved, then move it, but i’d prefer it here (O_o)’ )

i should have one last one by today. i got a job doing a mixtape cover and the dude wants a military theme. anyways, i’m out for now, gotta complete the project.:cool:


indeed indeed


Yo, Mr. Imawano. We should launch our sites simultaneously. I got my 2-D/3-D stuff, an’ you got your 2-D graphic design material. An’ congrats on the job you jes’ got. Try to go to Toe II Toe if you can. Check out their flyer…Looks spooky to me–all those eyes…:confused:

Nice work:cool:

man, i hope matwin holla’s at me. it would be CRAZY if i got the job at making diplomats next mixtape cover. omg.

^you like? yes, i could definitely do more with it. i didn’t want to go all out just yet cuz i don’t know if duke da god or santana’s mom or the dips would like it. so i’ma wait and see…

Just saw this… I’ll contribute too.

new vid coming soon:

God she’s pretty.:o :sweat:

:eek: :eek: :eek:
That’s tighter than Mag’s Slide Infinite!

I REALLY LIKED the 2nd image on your 2nd post:) They’re all very pretty, though…To tell you the truth, i never thought you were THIS GOOD. Also, it’s cool how you edited that pic of me with my stick(Like how you added our logo to my shirt^_^)


Motoki, you’re a photoshop mastah!! Teach your elders!

bump, new stuff today.:slight_smile:

yes sir! we gonna have ads now. in random posts i’ma post the ads as attachments. why? because i can! lol.

Bump I must say Your stuff is simply AMAZING! Seriously, i’m speechless from your talent. BTW, Why is my name on this tag? I’m not complaing, i’m just curious. It’s not like if me & my sister are the same person. Oh well that’s sweet of you anyway! ^^
Ahh, Did i mention your super tight?
keep up the good work!!

oh, well both of you guys were playing in the video, right? so i put your name in the credits as well.:slight_smile:

thx a lot for the compliments. look out for ryu shinnosuke’, hwoarang fury, pokesyou, and other ads soon in my posts here on srk. :cool:

haha your sis is pretty though. i could stare at that image for hours.:o

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In your face Ryu Shinnosuke’!! But seriously i always tell her she’s pretty(She doesn’t think so). People say we look like twins(I don’t think so) . If you’ve seen both of our pics you’ll know that neither of us look better than another…

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Your such a sweety for adding me in the credits^^ ! I can’t wait for your other stuff. It’s very inspiring to me.