BB:Continuum Shift Tier list

can anyone give the BB:CS & BB:CS2 latest tier list :wonder:

All the same characters in CS are in CS2, platinum the trinity, valkenhyn, and makoto are in the game by default though.

Thinking of picking up CS2 for 3DS when it comes out, but I want to see if there’s anything new in the game, or just a direct port.

There was a tier list posted somewhere in the GD Thread but it’s from a month or so ago.

All I can say is that Tager is still Bottom Tier
Bang and Litchi were Top, but they prob. got nerfed in CS2.

There’s no need to worry about Tier lists, I mean Arakune could still be Mid Tier and still rape your ass with his BEEs.

S: Litchi, Bang
A: Taokaka, Arakune, Carl, Hazama
B: Lambda, Hakumen, Ragna, Jin
C: Noel, Rachel, Tsubaki, Tager

In CS2 Makoto, Arakune and Hazama are looking pretty strong. As do Noel and Tsubaki.
Bang got a pretty big nerf, Litchi was reined in.