Bayonetta demands Dante (DMC) to make her a sandwich. Patch fix available for PS3!
…and guess who the mastermind behind this gem is-

:wonder: If I’m not mistaken, Platinum Games = Clover Studios, right… dood?

Looking at the games Hideki did…you could say that :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm. I thought you meant that the character of Dante was gonna be remade to look similar to Sean. I got baited :sad:

Yeah, pretty much. A bunch of people came together after Fapcom closed Clover Studios, which was a pretty stupid move, because it was during the height of Okami’s runaway success. Let’s not forget the sleeper God Hand, also.

That looks amazing, can’t wait for this to be released.

You guys are all crazy. Her design is a steaming pile of garbage.

If she were real, I’d still put my penis in that garbage, good sir.

Yeah, but it still looks like a pretty fun DMC clone.

Chaos Legion was clunky as fuck.

Except it was only a success in America. Funny that a very Japanese game doesn’t do well in Japan :rofl:

I stated this in the TGS thread, but her clothes are actually made up of hair, and some of her attacks (like the big fist and the dog) are made up of this hair. Bigger attack = less clothing. Its novel, at least.

Looks amazing, I like the crotch pan in the intro…nice.

:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

I wanted to make the Bayonetta thread.

I can’t take credit for this, but Bayonetta is being called “God of Whore.”

Shit looks crazy. Gotta buy this shit when it’s released.

Sex sells.

It was based on japanese folklore.

It ain’t getting more japanese than that. Unless you start talkin tentacle porn/BDSM/Loli/Yaoi.

Wow she basically has Desert Eagles as high heels. That gets my vote for sure.

Did that Dead Fantasy creator make this or something? This is to gaming what Hollow Man is to moviemaking. I laugh at the prospect of taking this seriously.

“Hey, how many times can we make a leather-clad chick spread her legs? And how often can we get the camera down there?” :tdown:


It was the creator of Devil May Cry…you can tell since Bayonetta acts the same way Dante does.