Bay Area Fight Night:Rumble in the Food Park 3 Nov.15th

Hey everyone,

Manny here from Bay Area Fight Night I just want to let everyone know about a tournament that I’m holding on November 15th in San Francisco, CA. It will be a tournament for Marvel and Ultra.

Marvel 5v5 is all set.
Norcal Marvel Team:
CJ Showstopper
Sexy Beast
GC Yoshi
Sac Marvel Team:
CFD Hi i’m Nasty
CFD BananaMan
CFD Day One,
Bloody Picture
Chief Gief.
GC Yoshi vs Day one still happening.
If people have any Idea for a ultra match please let me know.
I just wanted to let everyone know about how the pot bonuses will be working.
This is only going to be working for the Main games being Marvel and Ultra.
For each game that gets 16 people I will be dropping a $100 Pot Bonus for 32 I will drop another $50 and at 48 I will be dropping a $25. So if there 48 people for each game I will be dropping a total of $175 into the pot.
If people have questions please let me know and I will try my best to get back to them as soon as possible.
I will be buying 3-4 new Asus Tvs but I won’t be able to buy xboxs as well.
If you are coming by and can bring a xbox I will void the venue fee. Please let me know if you can bring a xbox.