BattleField Arcadia XV: Road to East Coast Throwdown 2 Results


GrandMaster Seat Defense x5 (TriForce “TFGM” vs. Wayne: Score 10-2)

1st - Wayne
2nd - Chris
3rd - Roayl Lance (Empire)
4th - Jose
5th - Sean
5th - Rich
7th - orochimarusama21
7th - Bad Fish

Naruto Rev 3

1st - Bad Fish
2nd - Tai
3rd - Miles
4th - orochimarusama21
5th - Andrew
5th - InsaynNe

Super Street Fighter 4

1st - Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly (Empire)
2nd - Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez (Empire)
3rd - Martin “Marn” Phan (Empire)
4th - Andre “Twisted Jago” Lambert (Empire)
5th - Adnan
5th - Rahsaan “Evil Rahsaan” Dusuau (Empire)
7th - Aulord
7th - Break John

Ssf4 results?
sorry for few minutes of downtime triforce. i saw estimated time remaining was wrong so i fixed it.

Sanford "santhrax" Kelly (EMP)	Brooklyn, NY	
Martin "marn" Phan (EMP)	78727	
Arturo "sabin" Sanchez (EMP)	Queens, NY	

4 Andre “Twisted Jago” Lambert (EMP) NYC
5 Adnan Brooklyn, NY
5 Rahsaan “Evil Rahsaan” Dusuau (EMP) New York, NY
7 Aulord Brooklyn, NY
7 Break John NYC
9 Mike Infinite NY
9 BX Freak HDP NY
9 Chi NYC

Hope you guys now see some of the stuff Dudley can do!

go dudley!!!
coming to break next week?

always gets my name wrong -_- it’s Tai

I hear tell San broke out Sakura in loser’s finals.

I think you have the best Dudley in the nation now Marn and it can only get better.

Corrections made. I’m sorry.

it’s alright =P, thnx for runnin the tournies =), really appreciate watchin doin for the NYC community

I would like to thank everyone who setup and participated in the Tetris tournament. It was my first one and I got third place.

Also, congratulations to the top finishers in Super Street Fighter IV.

Are you guys not holding TvC as an event any more?

No one signed up for it.

I’ll practice and hopefully win a match next one. Good shit Sanford running it back, and shoutouts to Wind Jammers which is on arcade at the venue. Run a side tourny for that!

i apologize to every1 for being so free, lol, good games everybody

and for the record, my blanka is better than awesome mccool’s, lol

Congratulations to Sanford for winning this tournament! We’re awarding you with a seed at East Coast Throwdown 2 this weekend! See you all there!

congratz to Sanford for taking it! this being my very first street fighter tourney im proud of how i did, next time i’ll make sure not to choke up and miss all those links. it really is an entirely different experience playing casuals with friends at home, then playing in a tourney filled with people playing to win and having all that pressure on you.

indeed i came out from va to attend and enjoyed meeting everyone it makes want to work harder thnx everyone

we gotta run that in tourney on the live stream!! no what i’m talkin bout, yeah!!

any footage?

Fiending for vids