BattleField Arcadia XI: Rogue Squadron Results


Here is a video showing the growth of the New York City competitive gaming scene: [media=youtube]pZ386QIozDE[/media]

Tetris (Wii)

Grand Master Seat -TriForce (Empire) 10-2 (Seat Defense x1)
1st - Mega Man S. (Champion)
2nd - Chung
3rd - DieMinion (Empire)
4th - Sandra "GamePad"
5th - Damdai
5th - Anthony
7th - Franky
7th - Andre “Jago” Lambert (Empire)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360)

1st - Team RUG
2nd - Team HDP 1
3rd - Team Kefling
4th - Team BOA
5th - Team HDP 2
5th - Team Ice Rice

Street Fighter 4 (Xbox 360)

1st - Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly (Empire)
2nd - Joe “iloveu” Ciaramelli
3rd - Aulord
4th - Andre “Twisted Jago” Lambert (Empire)
5th - Rico Suave
5th - Lincoln “dragongod” Morris (Empire)
7th - DieMinion (Empire) *
7th - citiofbrass

*Liston gave up his spot to DieMinion in the tournament.

For Street Fighter 4 match videos check out

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

1st - Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly (Empire)
1st - LI Joe *
3rd - Basic Sausage
4th - Rokzztar
5th - Mega Man S.
5th - Andre “Jago” Lambert (Empire)
7th - Liston
7th - Nessquik

  • Agreed to split Grand Finals. Please keep in mind for EVERYONE, the next time anyone splits whoever stands in Grand Finals will be auto first in ranking. However to be fair I should have addressed you about that before you made your final decision to split. Thus I’m saying it now. That was a error on my part.

Good shit to Citiofbrass. :tup:

That Sakura was top notch!

good shit to aulord. I was really impressed.

I wanna see what happens against sanford’s Sagat when Joe’s actually been playing the game though.

Oh and fuck whoever banned me during finals for making a joke about joe taking the arcs rent money.

Is Citiofbrass the dude who knocked me out then?

Thats pretty mean to say about “Joe taking the arcs rent money” Keep it in the game. GS to all the placers

yeah that was him

even tho i got pieced out reaLLY QUICK i am glad i was able to play some good ppl offline. i would drfinantly sove to play the empire agn (would perfer in casuals so i can have a period of time to learn what more to expect from high lvl play

Good shit Aulord.

Justin. It was a fucking joke. Johnny cage said almost the exact same thing! And it WAS in the game. I wasn’t just saying that about random shit on the street. It was a joke. Fucking chill.

good stuff to sanford and everyone else, maybe in the near future i will go to one of these arcadia tourney

well then citiofbrass gimme yur xbl name, i didnt get to get it from you during the tourney. It’s only the second time since i vsed a sakura as good as yurs

boyonweed with the links with fei. Good shit.
I guess our training with balrog paid off. :smiley:

Even if its a joke to you, but to the people who do live in the arc, it might not be a joke to them. You can’t joke around people’s personal lives even if you meant no harm.

LIJoe got 1st in TVC triforce. You should fix that in your first post.

How is that a joke about someones personal lives? I didn’t say “Joes gonna make everyone who lives at the arc homeless.”

Sorry if what I said was offensive but it wasn’t meant to be and I’ve got nothing but respect for the players at the arc.

What time did this end around? I’m interested in playing in the SF4 tournament but haven’t gotten the chance to. I keep going for MW2 and have been practicing on SF4 a lot and I think I’m ready to give it a shot. I don’t plan on placing well at all but I would just like to enjoy the competition. btw, team RUG ftw. :}

well GS everybody i played today. Maybe next time you have fix the first player on the mahvel arcade.

and LIJ good games on TvC, that last match was GL i thought in making a super but i didnt want to risk the win, but at the end u won with that barroque, it took my 80% life, GG’s but next time we have to meet further in the tourney not in the first match lol. Nxt time I’m taking it!

Ohh and Nxt battlefield put TvC before tetris, that game takes too long. TvC didnt start till 8! mad late!

I hope there’s gonna be TvC vids available on FADC.

Also how many participants entered TvC?

RANDOM!! " L" Block for the win!!! Shits top tier…
Had mad fun at this shit, thanks TriForce for runnin these, n ima levelup my tetris game jus for you

Oh and Basic Sausage and Buns of Stone SOOOOOOOOOO need to team up

…and… “your not saving your sister”…lol

was dumb tired by the end of it all but was great especially with the food

@Kazuhiro… Na, Seb left b4 TvC got started, so no vids… there was like 10 ppl or so…

should say 1st joe/sandford for tvc