Battlefield 2 modern combat

Who is getting it? Comes out tomorrow.

Damn, that shit snuck up on me.

I’ll pick it up tomorrow morning if there are anymore copies left. I was planning on picking it up for 360, but considering that I would have to wait until next year, this should provide a good warmup.

Man,I’m defenetly getting it soon cause you can play as the Jedi(too bad the 1st game you couldn’t)Let’s see how Yoda fights!:clap:

Lol wrong game. that’s battlefront 2 :rofl:

360 demo for this game is rape.

Have it for XBOX…haven’t opened it yet, still getting my Ghost Recon 2 fix. You on regularly? I need an excuse to actually open and play it.

So, no-one play this game?

I play this game. Sometimes

I played the 360 version pretty hardcore for a few months. Havent really played lately though.

lol i never bought it.

Pick that ish up yo!