Battle in the South....New Orleans, La 12/30/07

New Orleans will be having its first regionals coming up on Sunday December 30, 2007


Fun Acarde
612 Veterans Memorial Blvd
Metairie, LA 70005-2937
Phone: (504) 835-2806
Or Contact Patrick (Vegita-x) who will be running the tournament @ 504-655-2963


MvC2 will start @ 2pm
3rd Strike will follow @ 3pm

Best 2 out of 3 winners, single game losers bracket

Entry Fee
$10 Per Tournament


1st 70%
2nd 20%
3rd 10%

assuming the tourney games will be on cabinets?

Yes! It’s in the arcade where all the stick’s are working!:wgrin:

arcade??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm neh

I’m down.

will YOU be there?

…u need to come anyway…mad casual play after the tourny @ my place…money matches bitches…

MSP/T 4 life nothing else matters…

i cant bro, ill be in dallas for holidays and new years partying. Good luck to all entrants.

You need to power up with your MSP/T patrick, hey did you get your DVDRs from Johnny?

Say irvin…If u want u can come down saturday nite…we’re going to be smashing on marvel until the sun comes up…

im down for this tourney but im not sure where this place is i might be hiting u up soon for some directions. o and u said u guys are getting up for some marvel the night before mind if i join u?:sweat:

Yo pat u know h-town supposed to be rolling to this. Me , Gene, prob rudy, prob joey should be there.

You are more than welcome my nigga! Bring Mix-up if you can!! Lolz, if he still is playing that is? Send me or Vegitax a pm for info like phone number’s and such if you need too.:wgrin:

Thats cool …yeah we will be playing the night b4 at my place…and the arcade is easy to find…just hit me up for direction or just map quest it…

Alright just hit me up…u know the number…tell rudy he got to step it up this time…:rofl:

5 bucks says 3s won’t get more than 6 people, not that you care Pat. :rofl:

I’ll help run that and maybe Marvel if you want the help.

Ur be surpise actually…I believe there going to be more 3rd strike players then MvC2 for some reason… U probably haven’t been to the acarde lately but there are at least 10-15 people on 3rd strike on any given day espically fridays…plus ever since i announced this tounry the number has increased… although i’m only interested in mvc2 myself I expect a good turnout for both games…

MSP/T 4 life…:slight_smile:

pat…mst? =/ seems im gonah have to have a father son talk with u about this

Yeah…just got tired of people running away all day when i played with rogue…
So make sure u bring urself to the tourny…

Hey pat have a gg tournament so some more ppl from houston will come. We have alot more ppl who would prob come if u did.

Sorry but no one plays that game out here…