Battle for the South Results June 6, 2009

Battle for the South Results:

Smash Brother Brawl
1st Lee Martin (La)
2nd John ? Hyro (La)
3rd Christian ?CJ (La)
4th Yawar- Sars-Pirate (La)
5th Brealon- (La)
5th Cameron- (La)


1st Jan (Houston, Tx)
2nd John R- Pozerwolf (Austin, Tx)
3rd Michael A -ShadowCharlie (La)
4th Stone ?KenmasterX (La)
5th Chris ? Pimp2303 (Houston, Tx)
5th Brad ? Kakitajamie (La)


1st Patrick Henry ?Vegita-x (La) ---- Rogue/Storm/Tron
2nd Johnny ? Johnny5 (La) ---- MSP
3rd Chris ? i ll Chris (La) ----Sent/Storm/Cap
4th Duane ? Marvelous_One(La)---- Mag/Ironman/Sent
5th Ronald ? Ron-O (Houston, Tx)—Sent/Cable/Mag
5th Joey ? Joeyh (Houston, Tx)—Storm/Sent/Cap


1st Ronald ? Ron-O (Houston, Tx) — (ken, Chun)
2nd Duane ? Marvelous_One (La)—(Urien)
3rd Christian ? SpanishJap (La)— (Makoto)
4th Stone ?KenmasterX (La)


1st David (La)
2nd Jakob ?Jakob002 (La)
3rd Stone ?KenmasterX (La)


Top 8
1st Rahsaan ?Evil Rahsaan (NY) Seth, Dhalsim, Viper, Gief, Rufus ($400.00) Plus $100.00 bonus
2nd Jakob ?Jakob002 (La)—Bison ($117.00)
3rd Winchester (Houston, Tx) —Sagat ($57.00)
4th Thauh ?(La)—Sagat
5th Patrick Henry?Vegita-X (La) — Zangief
5th Jan (Houston, Tx) —Zangief
7th Deric ?Skitz (Birmingham, AL) —Chunli
7th Michael ?Shadowcharlie (La) —Blanka

—I would like to thank everyone for coming out, the tourney was mad fun with so many upsets?Louisiana Finest SSJbrydon beat Jan from Houston 2-0, Honda vs Gief ?.OMG what the fuck happen… But, later in the loser bracket Jan had to play Brydon again but this time Jan picked Sagat? 2-0 Jan?
—I can?t believe I won Marvel?my God so random?. Getting knock in the loser bracket and having to fight Johnny in finals best of 7? 4-0, 4-3?.I guess I have to start playing Rogue again…:bgrin:
—The Houston players are beasts. Especially Jan and Winchester. Evo is gonna be insane, if you?re not at this Evo this year then I have one question. WHERE THE F*CK ARE YOU???

Link to the Mvc2 vids and SF4…

Stay tune for Vids from SF4 final 8 and MvC2…

who put you in losers pat for mvc2?

Sup, this is Winchester. Good shit on the tournament and good matches in casuals against you Skitz. Jakob your bison is deadly and I’m going to have to go back in the drawing board once again, especially with my game plan destroyed and the lack of console character knowledge I had against Stone’s Gouken :rofl:. I do have to say Rashaan’s Seth just made the highlights of the night though, that thing is too dangerous.

Can’t wait for clips :smiley: I really want to watch the match with Deril ( Chun-Li ) facing ( Guessing… ) Jan ( Zangief ) , the finals of MVC2 , Rahsaan’s evilness :badboy: , and some Mississippi player facing any opponent during the tournament :smile: !

PS : Anyone know where to get SF clothing like a few people were wearing during this tournament ? I know Triumvir but it has that sketch like art on their clothing besides the comic-con hat and the shadaloo jacket . I seen one with a Abel shirt ( What did the words fullscreen meant btw ? ) and thought it was nice looking . Anyone know where to get some SF clothing besides Triumvir ( 2 of my faves are currently sold out and all I see is 16 products thats in the shop list . ) ?

Damn I didn’t even know this tournament happened. Good shit to the TX players!

GS Evil.

DAMMITTTT. I missed it. GS to Tx for reppin. Damn I thought I was going to see Joey H In the results for marvel? As winchester would say “Back to the drawing board”:sad:. Joey please come to the retro side. Im gettin lonley:sleep:

This tourny was crack… Marvel couldnt have had a better last match… That shit was wild lol… Dont worry pat ima learn to fight against trons cheap ass sooner or later… I would like a rematch tho… Guess i gotta wait another year for that since u dont play and all :arazz:


Shoutouts to houston for comin out… good shit joey… Better luck next time big chris… Thx for puttin me in losers johnny… Duane i have nothing to say to u… Irvins cyclops is dangerous… Rashaans viper is RETARDED :confused:… SF4 finals was too fun to watch drunk… MvC2 finals was sick… Shoulda had more entrants tho :annoy:…

Overall good shit to all and thx for puttin that together pat… U moved up a notch in my book… which puts u at Notch 1.



Despite the fact it ran much later than it should of (good job on running the brackets Anthony) this was a fun tournament.The room was well ventilated and the first time i was cold at a tournament instead of sweating my ass off, it was great for a first time tourney.

-Winchester and i had some great matches we where both really nervous, you’ve defiantly improved since i played you @ Matsuri keep it up.

  • Brydon comes out of nowhere with one of the smartest Honda’s i’ve ever seen.

-Skitz with a monster Chun, i wish i could have played you i haven’t seen a smart Chun yet. Add me on live if you have xbox.

-Pozerwolf my new best friend <3 Deathsmiles

-Jan putting on a show with Gief and Mike making top 8 and he doesn’t even have the game.

-Me and David actually having a good match in SC finals.

I know a few people want to down me because i got worked by Rashaan but i already knew i was gonna lose the match beforehand. No clue how to deal with Viper and Dhalsim i have a small idea but i haven’t seen him much as for Seth, it was so bad i was laughing at the obliteration and practically gave up on the last round, should’ve mashed on Roundhouse. I should probably start playing the game again so i can learn matchups and drop bad habits,i usually just wing it or hit random buttons but Rashaan is just too powerful. Can’t wait to play him again guy’s a beast.

GS to all the other players who came from TX,MS,AL,BR, and whereever else hope to see you all next time we have a big tournament here
and New Orleans, i love you guys but the fact remains you’re all still bad at an easy game.:chainsaw:

I got 4th at Soul Calibur 2, Stanman got 3rd. 4th place in all the games outside of SF4. :frowning:

Good shit to everyone I played, hopefully next time around I show off a bit more. And everyone, PLEASE UNLOCK ALL THE CHARACTERS IF YOU’LL BE DONATING YOUR SYSTEM IN A TOURNAMENT. Jesus, not having all the characters on each system is an atrocity, I should have at least Akuma as an option on every system. Good shit Capcom

Battle for the South videos are currently being uploaded to youtube.

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I made the Abel Shirt, I plan on making a online site, but i’m worried if I will get any takers… I can make a SF4 shirt for you from scratch if you’ll like so get at me for the pricing… BTW fullscreen is from this video: [media=youtube]u3IsLJrXmvs[/media]

also here is a preview of the original design…but due to last minute stuff i had to change it.

but for regular sf4 players, I could do something like:

Please give the match videos 5 stars, k thx!

Wow LOL ! That was hilarious !

Anyways I’ll think about if I would want a shirt now or later but yea that Abel shirt does look really nice !

GGs to everyone who was out there :wgrin: Great tournament Pat :smiley: !

Good shit on putting up the vids, can’t wait to watch them all.

didnt know u entered as duane in mvc2:clown::clown::clown::clown::china:

Don’t you know, I do iron man combos like they’re going out of style

Johnny5… MSP vs MSP 2-1 Johnny

That’s right fools 5th out of 8 in GGAC… fear that.

Skitz your my damn hero and show that I have A LOT of work to do on my Chun… I need a shit load more free time. Yeah I saw that poke at me (and others) Jakob, the truth hurts and I cried a little inside. Play more Jakob and quit wasting time on myspace unless its guaranteed.

Interesting tournament.

My trip was so late minute but I showed up anyways.
Damn you Mike!!

But yeah, nice tournament, I had fun ;o

too bad u stole my ipod and headset so u could trade them in for a xenogears copy ={
thanks for coming out and bringing khary:china:

Khary has your stuff hostage.
lol, I was not aware that stuff was even in my car.

Also, dude, on our way back we found the World’s Largest Gummy.
It costed too much so I went ahead and bought the smaller version of the gummy (which was still fuckin’ huge) for like $15.
Shit was too good! :woot: