Battle Fantasia (DEMO UP JP/HK PSN) out now in JPN for PS3-Region Free/360-locked

For you PS3 owners who want this game, import away cuz of dat region free.

For you 360 owners, hope Atlus or whatever brings it over, since all Japan 360 games are region locked to NTSCJ 360s.

EDIT: I added the HK store in there since they have it too, so I’m guessing all the other East Asia stores have it as well, but since I don’t have accounts for those I wouldn’t know.

Wow, that’s bloody great news, I was freaking dieing to play this game somehow.


I’ll actually get to see if this game is any good or not.

Uh…what is this game? Yes, I’m totally oblivious/ignorant/whatever.

It’s a fighting game made by Arc System Works(The Guilty Gear people). It plays in 2D, but is done completely with 3D graphics. It came out in arcades in Japan last spring.

I’m lookin forward to checkin’ this game out. It looks cool. I’m hoping it plays OK.

even more reason to pick up a ps3 now


Score one for the J-360!

I never got much time to play it when i was in Japan, but now ill be able to again!


Maybe a publisher will decide to pick it up for a stateside release for 360 :open_mouth:

I really wanted to try this game out.

Now that’s some random ass (but great) news. This is turning into a dream year for fighters.

aww man i don’t wanna buy a ps3 yet :confused: here’s hopin someone brings this here as I’ve been dyin to play it.

Haha, man. As much as I doubt a western or even European release, I really hope it does come over here. I’m not buying a PS3 just for this game, that’s what FFXIII is for…

those are great news! I’ve been wanting to try this game too

Yes, I will be getting this.

Time to get DAT PS TRIPLE!!!
Didn’t think I’d ever get a chance to play Battle Fantasia.
And now I can.

Bring me Rumble Fish 2 and then it’s truly a dream year for fighters. But whether or not this happens, its still the dream year. But Rumble Fish 2 would be the cherry on top.

i agree i loved rf2

haha dope

ps3 lineup this year is lookin nice for me

Looks like the PS3 will follow the PS2’s footsteps in terms of being THE system for fighters.

X360 should be region free. =(


Wow, the year just gets better and better.