Battle at the Border 3 Results and Shoutouts

I’m actually surprised I’m getting good feedback about the headphones. Told you all the sound quality was good. As it was the few people that didn’t like them just simply didn’t wear them so problem solved. Once the sound was blasting it cancelled a lot of the outside noise.

I seriously think that nobody recorded the SF4 grand finals. It was like hey I thought you were recording, no I thought you were recording LOL.

LOL at whenever I would call OPP someone would scream out yeah you know me.:rofl:

Any videos going to be put up? I’m gonna check out the winner finals matches right now. The grand finals were intersting once Luiz busted out Seth. Tied up the match 2-2 but Jan caught out to some of the shenanigans and came out on top. The last set went 4-2.

EDIT: Just saw the winners finals vids. Luiz’ Seth is actually pretty solid I think he was just nervous when he bust him out in that vid. We need some Grand Finals vids.


I feel I actually improved a good bit since I got choked up at Arcade UFO’s last tourney. While I cheesed out by Sagat, my loser’s bracket match was very close, and with a bit more effort I could have won. Regardless, it’s high time I settle down and get a secondary that doesn’t have the same bad matches as Honda (my current secondary is Gief).

Headphones were hella awesome. It kept the venue noise to a much lower level than normal, making match calling easier. And when I was playing my tourney matches, it really helped to block out all the shit talk and other stuff outside the game and let me simply concentrate on the match.

It makes me want to consider using the same LAN center set up style you used here in San Antonio (I just need more of San Antonio to get 360 sticks, PS3 is the majority here, hell everyone in SA crew was using my 360 stick all day!)

You guys told me you had someone recording finals but all I saw was a camera man not a video man >.>

Anyways, it’s cool DJ, glad to be a help. I’m working to revive the SA tourney scene and you’ll definitely getting a PM from me for our next tourney.

Batb Was more than i Imagined ,Had sh1ts loads of Fun

S.A Crew

The lan Center was awesome bigger than what the pics showed us, some sexy girls playing Marvel and Hd Remix,
Crack house was Sweet , thanks Luiz For Letting us Crash there and Restaurant was GOOD:pray:

Demon Jim cool Azz Cat Ran the tourney Smoothly
the whole valley crew showing support to Luiz even after loss

Bane - Surprised me placing top on t6 and sf4 actually thought he was gonna loose to Brandon
Houston (Jan winchester Surf) Cool Azz cats very good competitors
Michelle p - i actually thought she was like a 14 year old walking around till someone told me she was the Trash talker on the Forums lol:rofl:

Batb3 kikazz , For sho we be back Next Year:clapdos::woot:

Haha go fuck yourself man. I’m 14 and a half.

So uhhh how many entrees were there for mahvel?

The guy in the red is a skank.


ok, finally up at tube all my recorded vids xD

winners finals (final game)

sir Arthur vs TexasPower ( nice shit bro :tup: )

Fro vs Luiz (sorry i cant recorded the first match :bluu: )

Jan vs death note

sinister X vs sir arthur

good stuff, i wish i was there. hope to see yall in december for the dallas tourney

Can you guys help me out and tell me which character Winchester/Legendary Gouku used in SF4?


Winchester used Sagat. He might’ve used an alternate for certain match ups but as far as I know it was just Sagat.

I used Ryu and Chun-li.

Thank you sir :karate:


Yea he is o and also the guy in the Blue … o wait thats me:encore:

Shit I was about to say that guy in the blue is shorter than me! Haha suckaaa

:blah: Lol that was funny

Sir arthur good games i didnt realize that was you i was talking to Sinisterx then they told me i had a match nice mmeting you bro.

Valley guys , i used to play foot ball in highschool when i saw how those towns were next to each other weslasco donna and all those it looks really nice how the stadiums face the highway andbet you football is big down there:pray:

i am no skank. just a man whore on certain days… eat it!!gg’s i guess. after wish i played more tekken 6.

Certain days certain corners. Ill pimp you out next time you’re down.

14th Street in Bville will suffice for that!

Thanks for recording/uploading the vids, Ratdash.

sounds good LP. take no less than $100 ya dig. place had cute chicks… opp male jiggaHO

NE1 posted some pictures of the tournament on myspace. Check them out:

I wish we could do a tournament this big every month!

Nice pics some are kinda a random though. To those who are lazy this takes you straight to the album

HAHAHAHA at the fact that a picture of the pink tv got taken (GREATEST TV EVER!!!)

I’m in the background on the left side LOL. It looks like I’m passed out. I think that was when I was making the SF4 bracket and my hand started to cramp writing all the names.

This picture does little justice but the parking lot was full like a mother fucker I mean damn good luck finding parking.