Battle at the Border 3, POT BONUSES, CRAZY SIDE GAME! - McAllen, TX 11/07/09

That time has come again for the Rio Grande Valleys Biggest Fighting Game Tournament. I have teamed up with Energetic Gaming and NE1 LAN Center to bring to you Battle at the Border 3. I know we are a little late but hell better late then never. OUR LOGO

**Where: **
NE1 LAN Center
2208 Primrose Ave. Unit L.
McAllen, TX 78504 If this link doesn’t work use google maps
When entering primrose you will turn left into the parking lot of the plaza, drive further down the parking lot till you see the NE1 LAN it is also near Lifes a Stitch so if you see that then you might as well just park.

There are a few places nearby for food but I recommend driving down Nolana because this is the main restuarant strip in McAllen you got all the badass restuarants down this road. But there is a Dairy Queen and a Whataburger near by.

DEMON_JIM AKA James - 956-454-2457
DanEG AKA Dan - 956-778-9242

November 7th, 2009

**Fees: **
Registration - $8
Entry fee per game - $10

Side Games -
TMNT: Tournament Fighters - $5
Brawl Doubles - $20 a team
Blitz 2000 8-man Invitational - $20 (only if you get selected)

12:00 - Doors Open/Registration Begins
1:00 - Super Smash Bros: Brawl
2:00 - Blazblu
2:30 - Street Fighter 4
3:30 - Capcom vs SNK 2
4:00 - TMNT Tournament Fighters/Blitz 2000 Invitational
4:30 - Tekken 6
6:00 - SSF2THDR/Brawl Doubles
6:30 - Marvel vs Capcom 2

I will call out last minute registration 20 minutes before each game, you then have 10 minutes to get last minute registered for that game. Once the bracket is made there may or not be any late entrants, depends on the brackets and if you do get in after that game has started there will you will be placed in the first available bye spot

Street Fighter 4 (XBOX360) POT BONUS
Blazeblu (XBOX360)
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo High Definition Remix (XBOX360)
Tekken 6 (Playstation 3)
Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Dreamcast)
Super Smash Bros: Brawl (Nintendo Wii) POT BONUS
Capcom vs SNK 2 (PS2)

Side Games:
NFL Blitz 2000 Invitational (Nintendo 64)
Super Smash Bros: Brawl Doubles (Nintendo Wii)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (SNES)


1st 70%
2nd 20%
3rd 10%

*Brawl will pay out top 5 only if we reach over 50 participants anything less will be standard

Street Fighter 4 will have a $100 POT BONUS!!!
Super Smash Bros: Brawl will also have a $100 POT BONUS!! and still working on MORE!!!

Side Games:
1st 70%
2nd 30%

NFL Blitz 2000 Invitational:
Winner take all!!

All games except Brawl
-Any game that does not make at least 10 participants will be cancelled and the players money refunded-

-All games will be Double Elimination
-Winner stays with same character, loser may change character and sides if so pleased
-All matches 2of3 games, Winner/Loser/Grand finals are all 3of5
-If the start button is hit or a malfunction with your equipment occurs, causing the game to pause or reset during a match within the first 5 secs, the match WILL be restarted. However if after that point then your opponent will have the opportunity to take the 1st win or reset the match, advantage or not.

Street Fighter 4
–All characters allowed
–Stage will be random select
–99 second timer
–No Handicap


Tekken 6
–60 Second timer
–Sets will still be the same as mentioned above but will be played 3of5 rounds.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo High Definition Remix
–Akuma is banned
–Remix mode
–Speed: Turbo 3

Marvel vs. Capcom 2
–No duplicate character on a team (ex:Sent/Sent/Storm)
–No game breaking glitches (Juggernaut glitch allowed)
–Dead body infinites are only for positional advantages

Super Smash Bros: Brawl
-3 Stock
-8 Minute Time Limit
-Items are set to “off” and “none”
-All sets with the exception of winner’s finals, loser’s finals, and the championship are best of 3 matches, with the aforementioned Finals sets being best 3/5 games.
-In the event of a dispute, controller ports will be selected by Rock-Paper-Scissors
-No player may choose a stage they have already won on in that set unless agreed upon by both players.
-If the timer runs out, the victor is determined first by stock and then by percentage
-Metaknight’s Infinite Cape glitch is banned.
-Standing Infinites are BANNED which include (but not limited to) Dedede’s small-step chain grab, Marth on Ness grab-release, etc
-Ice climber infinites are legal
-If a game ends with Bowser doing his suicide klaw and it ends in sudden death, the sudden death will be ignored and that game will count as a win for Bowser. If a game ends in Gannondorf executing his over-b FTW then Ganon is declared the winner of the round.
-Players using a Wii-mote to play must take their batteries out when not playing. We will not tolerate this if it is broken!
-Any action that can prevent the game from continuing (i.e., freezing, disappearing characters, game reset, etc.) will result in a forfeit of that match for the player that initiated the action. You are responsible for knowing your own character.

  1. Opponents choose their characters for the first match *
  2. Opponents start the stage striking procedure
  3. Each player may announce one stage to be banned for counterpicks of the set
  4. The first game is played, using the stage chosen during step 2
  5. The loser of the previous match announces the next match’s stage from either the Starter Stage List or the Counter Stage List
  6. The winner of the previous match chooses their character
  7. The loser of the previous match chooses their character
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 for all proceeding matches
    *Double blind character selection may be called for the first match

Neutral Stages:
-Final Destination
-Yoshis Island
-Pokemon Stadium 1

Counterpick Stages:
-Castle Seige
-Rainbow Cruise
-Pokemon Stadium 2
-Jungle Japes

Additional Rules for Pools Play:
-Matches will be 3 stock
-7 Minute Time Limit
-Set format will not be used; each Player will play every other opponent a total of 2 games
-Number of Players advancing from each pool will be dependant on number of entrants, number of players per pool, number of pools, and which round of pools it is.

Super Smash Bros: Brawl Doubles
Additional Rules for Doubles Play:
-Life Stealing is allowed
-Team attack will be set to ON
-In team matches, the ports will be determined in a 1221 fashion; whoever wins the RPS will choose first, then the opposing team will get their ports, and then the teammate of the RPS winner will get the last port.
-Chibo’s Color-Blind Rule: If a player on a team is playing Lucario, Sonic, or Pokemon Trainer, either team can request for them to be Blue Team and the opponents must abide. If both teams have one of the characters, they must work it out between them.

TMNT: Tournament Fighters
–Bosses are banned
–Hi-Speed 1

NFL Blitz 2000
–Single Elimination
–Default rules on time and field apply, all 4 quarters played.
–Will put tournament mode code for a fair game (1-1-1-D), means no cheats and no AI help it’s all in the players hands.
–No custom characters
–No game breaking glitches
–Invisible play cursor allowed (Up, Up at the play selection screen)
–Will provide system and controllers.
–When registering you must choose a team. You will stay with this team through out the entire duration of this tournament. No switching. More then 1 player may choose the same team.
–Only the chosen players may compete in this tournament.

**Taken from a post I made on second page:
The secret game is…
NFL Blitz 2000 for N64. Yes betting will go hard for this (I will be side betting like crazy for this). Only 8 players will be chosen to a winner take all single elimination bracket (no crying this is a mans game lol, this game makes me cry sometimes though :sad:). I know $20 is steep but with a few backers at a few bucks a piece it can easily be made, hell I’ll back a person or 2 if I have faith in them. Thats $160 for the winner!!!

If you would like a shot at being in this tournament please post up (remember it is very easy to get people to help you pay for it if you don’t wanna fork all if it out yourself). If you would like to nominate someone post up.**



Use this format when pre-registering

Name: "Real Name"
Games: "Games you are going to enter"
Blitz: Team Name**
**Only if you wanna be entered in a chance to be selected to the 8 man invitational do you have to put the Blitz part
Note: Team Name does not effect your chance of being selected, it is simply for registration purposes for the sign up with one team process and to simply see who plays with who.

Street Fighter 4

  1. James Garcia - “DEMON_JIM” - Harlingen, TX
  2. Nem Cantu - “Legendary Gokou” - San Antonio, TX
  3. Daniel Sendejas - “Shizuma_15” - Harlingen, TX
  4. Jan - “Jan” - Houston, TX
  5. Adrian Longoria - “DiscipleZero” - San Benito, TX
  6. Arturo Contreras - “Sir Arthur” - Reynosa, MEX
  7. Rodolfo Alaniz “Sinister-X” - San Antonio, TX
  8. Enrique Saenz - “Rickeybullwinkle” - Corpus Christi, TX
  9. Jerry Serrano - “TexasPower” - San Antonio, TX
  10. Gilbert Dominguez - “SiNiC” - Alamo, TX
  11. Leo Garza - “LGJ” - Edinburg, TX
  12. Dan Segovia - “DanEG” - Edinburg, TX
  13. David Vasquez - “David Filth” - Mission, TX
  14. Demarcus - “Demarcus” - Killeen, TX
  15. Alvaro Flores - “BBoyPozin” - Edinburg, TX
  16. Julio Hernandez - “hAMM” - Pharr, TX
  17. Mike - “Broly” - Brownsville, TX
  18. Seth Rodriguez - “Seth HD Remix” - Pharr, TX
  19. Josue Tovar - “MBN Yatchinator/Ash2k4” - San Antonio, TX
  20. Luiz Martinez - “Luiz” - Brownsville, TX
  21. Erick - “Furix” - Brownsville, TX
  22. Kyle - “MC Clusky” - San Antonio, TX
  23. Gene Flowers - “Buckethead” - Houston, TX
  24. Chris Jefferson - “BigSexi” - Houston, TX
  25. Isaiah Rodriguez - “BadAssDude5” - San Antonio, TX
  26. Adriel Ramos Villa - “Ratdash” - Reynosa, MEX
  27. Phythias Young - “Suavion” - Houston, TX
  28. Ivan Rojano - “NITROgoose20” - Brownsville. TX
  29. Winchester Dang - “Winchester” - Houston, TX

2. Arturo Contreras - “Sir Arthur” - Reynosa, MEX
3. Mike - “Broly” - Brownsville, TX
4. Erika Olivarez - “ChromerX” - Brownsville, TX
5. Chris Jefferson - “BigSexi” - Houston, TX
6. Jan - “Jan” - Houston, TX

Tekken 6

  1. James Garcia - “DEMON_JIM” - Harlingen, TX
  2. Nem Cantu - “Legendary Gokou” - San Antonio, TX
  3. Daniel Sendejas - “Shizuma_15” - Harlingen, TX
  4. Enrique Saenz - “Rickeybullwinkle” - Corpus Christi, TX
  5. David Vasquez - “David Filth” - Mission, TX
  6. Jerry Serrano - “TexasPower” - San Antonio, TX
  7. Seth Rodriguez - “Seth HD Remix” - Pharr, TX
  8. Josue Tovar - “MBN Yatchinator/Ash2k4” - San Antonio, TX
  9. Erika Olivarez - “ChromerX” - Brownsville, TX
  10. Phythias Young - “Suavion” - Houston, TX
  11. Chris Jefferson - “BigSexi” - Houston, TX
  12. Isaiah Rodriguez - “BadAssDude5” - San Antonio, TX
  13. Rodolfo Alaniz “Sinister-X” - San Antonio, TX

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo High Definition Remix

  1. James Garcia - “DEMON_JIM” - Harlingen, TX
  2. J - “Riddlebox” - Corpus Christi, TX
  3. Daniel Sendejas - “Shizuma_15” - Harlingen, TX
  4. Phythias Young - “Suavion” - Houston, TX
  5. Gilbert Dominguez - “SiNiC” - Alamo, TX
  6. Julio Hernandez - “hAMM” - Pharr, TX
  7. Seth Rodriguez - “Seth HD Remix” - Pharr, TX
  8. Ivan Rojano - “NITROgoose20” - Brownsville. TX
  9. Isaiah Rodriguez - “BadAssDude5” - San Antonio, TX
  10. Adriel Ramos Villa - “Ratdash” - Reynosa, MEX
  11. Winchester Dang - “Winchester” - Houston, TX

Marvel vs Capcom 2

  1. Jonathan Guzman - “Monkeyspank” - Harlingen, TX
  2. J - “Riddlebox” - Corpus Christi, TX
  3. Daniel Sendejas - “Shizuma_15” - Harlingen, TX
  4. Alvaro Flores - “BBoyPozin” - Edinburg, TX
  5. Julio Hernandez - “hAMM” - Pharr, TX
  6. Phythias Young - “Suavion” - Houston, TX
  7. Luiz Martinez - “Luiz” - Brownsville, TX
  8. Mike Vasquez - “Buffmike2” - Brownsville, TX
  9. Gene Flowers - “Buckethead” - Houston, TX
  10. Chris Jefferson - “BigSexi” - Houston, TX
  11. Adriel Ramos Villa - “Ratdash” - Reynosa, MEX
  12. Joey H. - “JoeyH” - Houston, TX

Capcom vs SNK 2

  1. James Garcia - “DEMON_JIM” - Harlingen, TX
  2. Gene Flowers - “Buckethead” - Houston, TX
  3. Nem Cantu - “Legendary Gokou” - San Antonio, TX
  4. Enrique Saenz - “Rickeybullwinkle” - Corpus Christi, TX
  5. Jerry Serrano - “TexasPower” - San Antonio, TX
  6. David Vasquez - “David Filth” - Mission, TX
  7. Chris Jefferson - “BigSexi” - Houston, TX
  8. Adriel Ramos Villa - “Ratdash” - Reynosa, MEX

Super Smash Bros: Brawl
Check Smashboards for pre-reg list

Super Smash Bros: Brawl DOUBLES
Check Smashboards for pre-reg list

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters

  1. James Garcia - “DEMON_JIM” - Harlingen, TX
  2. Daniel Sendejas - “Shizuma_15” - Harlingen, TX
  3. Jerry Serrano - “TexasPower” - San Antonio, TX
  4. Julio Hernandez - “hAMM” - Pharr, TX
  5. Jonathan Guzman - “Monkeyspank” - Harlingen, TX
  6. Joseph - “Magik” - Weslaco, TX

NFL Blitz 2000 (if you would like to be considered for invitation post up with your team)
James Garcia - “DEMON_JIM” - Minnesota Vikings
Jonathan Guzman - “Monkeyspank” - Pittsburg Steelers
Daniel Sendejas - “Shizuma_15” - San Francisco 49ers
Gilbert Dominguez - “SiNiC” - Dallas Cowboys
Julio Hernandez - “hAMM” - Denver Broncos
Mike - “Broly” - Minnesota Vikings
Ivan Rojano - “NITROgoose20” - Dallas Cowboys


While yall battle at the border for 2nd and 3rd San Antonio Should Take 1st Lol:rofl: Just starting to pump it up Nah But We Be There

so like is 3S just being forgotten? Who still plays HDremix?

3S fell off the face of the earth way down south, nobody except like 3 people play it still tournament wise. I’m debating on putting it in but I got a gut feeling it would end up like GGAC last year, more out of towners then players from here entered and it barely filled a bracket. But I don’t know I’ll have to see more interest in 3S, hey we still got over 2 months so games can still be added.

Last year I ran 9 games and somehow finished before 11PM. I think I can still sneak in a game. The secret invitational will only have 8 players yes 8 so it shouldn’t get in the way of anything, so that frees up a spot.

On a random note the Secret Game is NOT a fighter. But I do expect it to get a lot of side betting. I’ll let it toy with you all for a little while.


:tup: 360. good for me if I don’t have my stick dual modded by the time this rolls around.

everybody retired 3s cause they cant beat me

I can beat J.D if you tie his hands behind his back and force him to play with left foot with a disabled Jab, Fierce, Low, Short, and RH while blind folded. :looney:


ill be there for SFIV mainly, prob BB, hate HDr and dont play the others… ST sidetournament? :lovin:

If there are enough setups, people will be allowed to run there own side tournaments if they would like. I’ll get back to you all on this once I get a rough estimate on how many setups we will have.


I’m taking first for Tekken this year xD :razzy:
Damn, its only gona be out for like ten days before the tourney lol And i only got like 2 days gameplay expierence at UFO

boo that its on 360 again. garbage… really i am disapointed that its on this system…:lame:

can the secret game be fat princess on ps3…

It’s the only system we have an abundent supply of that and 90% of our players own 360 equipment then PS3 equipment.

I wish it was Fat Princess. That game is fucking awesome even my girlfriend likes it.


as much as i dislike the 360 over the ps3 (fanboy) when it comes to tourneys Id have to side to xbox. only because of how big the user base is compared to ps3. wish it was the other way around.

Secret game should be KOFXII fo sho


$100 Pot Bonus added for Brawl. DanEG and I are currently working on more pot bonuses for other games so we will keep you informed.

TMNT: Tournament Fighters added to side game line up.


Is the secret game puzzle fighter?

Nope I wish though. If you got it downloaded on PS3 I’ll game with you on some PF.


secret game should be guilty gear or cvs2

lol you should just choose the secret game yourself if you like all the suggestions people are throwing out.

Or have a second secret game :looney: