Bathing Ape joystick

Does anyone know where does this Bathing Ape mad catz joystick comes from?
Google didn’t throw up any results.

Looks like a custom artwork + plexi so that he didn’t have to use button plugs. If you can get the artwork you can do it for your TE easily.

It’s missing the centre screws, and the buttons look like the standard ones, so I thinking its a one off by someone rather than a batch job, but was told there’s only 50 made. Apart from the art work and buttons, I see nothing else different.

its custom artwork and a plexi like the guy above said. you can order the plexi without the center screws cut… stop trying to make something out of nothing.

^Look through that thread, you’ll see plenty of modified Mad Catz sticks, the one you pictured is no more special than any other art/plexi swapped TE stick.

If you look at they offer everything you need to make this so. You just have to hand over some money and maybe a .PSD file for the artwork you want.

Ahh great thanks!

Where did you get that there were fifty of these?
Looks just like any mod of Tournament Edition seen in this Forum.

What I see is a Custom Extended Acrylic Panel (MCTE-EX) from arthong with Left 6-Button option and Middle Screws Out option.
And then the BAPE Camouflage with Print and Cut Service by arthong for Extended (APCS-TEEX).