Bat Top no longer staying secure on The Link JLF shaft

I had the Link shaft by Phreakmods installed at UFGT9. I absolutely love it but now my bat top no matter how much i tighten the damned thing;the bat top comes loose during play it almost came off when i was playing online on PC. What do i do with this now?

For a Phreakmods Link Shaft, the removable part of the shaft, you can tighten the ball top or your case a bat top with an allen key.

ive done that. After a certain point it no longer stays secure, after i tighten it after a couple of minutes or hours it becomes loose again and i have to rinse and repeat :\

Maybe try some thread locker (“Loctite” brand)? I would not recommend the red version though, as you will most likely never be able to remove it. The blue would be very secure, but still removable.

Make sure it says “medium strength” or “hand tight”, too. Some brands color the tubes backwards.

Hmm, yeah use some mild threading agent, you can also technically use teflon tape as well.

Well instead of doing that i may just switch back to using a ball top temporarily, but i ran into another problem the adapter that is used to put the bat top on the JLF is really tight on the shaft i have no idea what was done to keep it that secure.I cant unscrew the adapter with my fingers.

IF you dont want to damage the threads on the adapter with pliers or something, you could get that red loc tite I mentioned, put the bat top back on the adapter, and let it set. Then you should be abel to remove the bat with adapter, leaving the original threads intact.
I know what happened to make it so secure, all those times the bat came loose, you tightned the hell out of it, but it was not the adapter coming loose, it was the bat coming loose off of the adapter. Every time you tightned it back down, you made the adapter tighter and tighter.

Great. This is going to be a fun time.