Bass/Subwoofer Headphones around 30-50$?

Well I have Turtle Beach X11’s that I use for Xbox 360 and i’ve been using them for music lately but. They don’t give me the bass I need so i’m looking to just get some headphones just for music, and I would like some with bass in it and with quality around 30-50 dollar price range.

Any suggestions?

Check out the MDR-XB500. The MDR-XB300 is only $33 on Amazon right now, but I doubt you would feel sorry about it with the MDR-XB500, if you really like your bass.

Check out also, but mind your wallet and your common sense. :wink:

If you want the best price/performance get any Skullcandy headphones.

If you don’t mind spend a little bit more then get Bose headphones, so good.

If Bose headphones are better than Skullcandy, I would definitely steer clear.