Basic Samurai Showdown V Info

SSV infomation:

Thanks to: Yushiro, Mummy-B, and myself.

Joystick Notion for the Guide:

789 UB U UF
456 B N F
123 DB D DF

A - Weak Slash
B - Medium Slash
C - Kick
D - Evade/Meditation
AB - Hard Slash
BC - Universal Overhead
6C - Push Throw, must be followed up with a slash/kick

Rage Burst: ABC at same time.
Enlightenment: Life in the orangish-red bar (It’ll turn blue to let you know you can use it), having lost a round, 214CD.
Rage: Get hit a lot. Or once with Enja. :wink:

Weapon Guage: Starts filled. Decreases as you do moves. The more full it is, the more damage you deal. Regenerates when you’re not swinging your weapon around. Raged increases the guage. Rage Burst increases it to max.

Evade Modes:






6236 D w/ Weapon:

6236 D w/out Weapon:

Rage Info: When you get hit, the rage bar fills. When the rage bar explodes, you’re left in rage mode for a few seconds, where you can do supers (two or three whiffed, one connected), and your weapon guage fills a little. Certian char’s seem to stay in rage longer, but I think that’s an affect of getting hit while raged makes you stay raged longer. I can’t prove it, but it just seems like Enja is ALWAYS raged.

Enlightenment Info: Enlightenment mode is only available after losing a round. When the game starts, there’s a small redish-orange bar at the end of your life. If you get hit, your rage meter fills. You can then press and hold D to drain your rage meter to make your enlightenment bar fill. Each char has a different charge time on their meditation. Enja’s in almost instant and completely drains his rage bar for a minor enlightenment mode charge. Yoshitora’s charge takes a little longer, but actually charges his enlightenment bar fairly well. Now, after charging the bar, and losing a round, if your life falls into that little ‘orange/red’ area, you can pres 214CD to activate enlightment mode, which slows everything down but you. All your opponents moves are slowed, their hit stun is longer, their block stun is longer. Basically, it’s your chance to open up and win the match. If you get hit once while in enlightment mode, you lose enlightenment mode, so be careful. Note, getting hit by a Rage Explosion will NOT cancel enlightenment mode. Good times to activate enlightenment mode is when your opponent is jumping, or doing a laggy move. Also, after you use enlightenment mode once, you can no longer rage or rage burst.

Rage Burst Info: Activated by pressing ABC at the same time, you can do this anytime you want, but once you use it, your rage bar is gone. When you rage burst, your weapon bar MAXS out, so you deal the most damage your char is capable of dealing. You can also do infinite specials until the bar runs out, but since most people’s super’s aren’t so good on stand alone, and don’t really connect off hits, this isn’t so hot. :slight_smile: I think if you land a super in rage burst, rage burst ends, but don’t quote me. I’m on a ship for god’s sakes, I can’t test it yet.

Current Tiering (Under evaluation!):

My current opinion on tiers:

Top: Yoshitora, Yunfei, Basara
2nd: Mina, Rimururu, Rera, Charolette, Genjuro
3rd: Tam-Tam, Shizumaru, Hanzo

Top: Mina, Yoshitora, Rimururu, Rera
2nd: Charolette, Genjuro, Basara

Current Tiering Opinon of Mummy-B:
1st: Yoshitora, Mina, Rimururu, Shizumaru
2nd: Genjuro, Yunfei, Hanzo, Charlotte, Rera
3rd: Just about everyone else, with honorable mention to Basara.

Mina, Yoshitora, Rimururu
Charlotte, Rera, Basara, Shizumaru, Genjuro
Tam Tam, Galford, Sogetsu

Original Opinion when game first came out by Mummy-B:

  1. Mina
    Jesus. She is the Cable of this game. Except she doesn’t have AHVB, but fifty MILLION other shit. And she’s Cable, but she’s faster. All of her normals are long range arrow shots that all have some kind of utility. Like forward, a low arrow on the ground, one that AAs, she’s got three in the air that shoot at different angles. She also has a move that shoot arrows straight up in the air and they don’t come down. Why do I mention this? Because she can input a command at any time in the round and bring them down. And if you’re hit in the air with any of her normal arrows, knockdown. So, shoot some air arrows, do a low normal arrow as your opponent is getting up, and call down the arrows you shot up. Instant overhead. Unblockable. You either get hit by both arrows, or get hit by the falling one. Mad fucked up. If you get in her face and rush her shit down, you can beat her, but it’s not easy. She also has an escape move that’s a really really really fast “cross up” arrow shot. She basically jumps across the screen in an arc and shoots an arrow at your back as she passes you. You can block the cross up easy, but that’s not the point. After all the work you did to get in close, she can do this move and get the fuck across the screen again. I had a hard time figuring out how to beat her, which eventually lead me to…

  2. Rera
    DAMN. Here is Magneto. Holy fucking shit. SO FUCKING FAST. SO MUCH PRIORITY. Alone, she covers the screen in just barely one count on the timer. If she hops on her wolf, she can cover the screen in 1/4 of a count on the timer. Yes, ONE FOURTH of ONE COUNT. Mina would misfire ONE time, and I was in her face instantly. She has a air normal for every situation - A hits down, B hits forward, and AB kills anyone trying to jump at you or higher than you. She also has Nakoruru’s air rush slash too, but I didnt know how I was doing it. I was too busy doing mind games with wolf. Like I would hop on the wolf, cover the screen instantly, pressure with A (which fucks shit up), dash back, jump and bait an AA arrow, hop off the wolf, hop off the wall, drop down, hop back on the wolf, get back in, dash back, jump, do air flying downward move (like Cammy’s Cannon Strike, but no one has been able to punish this move even if it is blocked yet and it’s mad fast), mash on A, etc. All in like, five counts. Maybe less. Bad ass. Her she has a ground rush move with while she’s on the wolf too, and so far it’s only been punishable by a throw and I’m sure I could tech it. Her drawback is lack of range, but then, when did something like that ever stop Magneto? However, when I was not dealing with a Mina whore, I was happy to find that…

  3. Charlotte
    … was still good. CvS2 people will like her. Mad poking game. Full range stand and crouch B owns like, everything. So much priority and range. Jumping A and B take everything out of the air, jumping AB is great coming in, and she’s got a blockable but low hitting command throw. Her fireball still sucks ass and is slower than my grandma, and Power Gradiation (DP) has questionable AA properties, but standing AB bascially AAs everything anyway, and it worst it will do is trade and you don’t want to trade with an AB move, especially not hers. Her multiple stabbing move (f+mash on any slash) does MAD CHIP and is totally safe after having been blocked, drawback is start up. If you HIT someone with that move, it fucking hurts like hell. I got a nice little winstreak with her for a bit until Mina came on. While Ukyo sucks in this game, I basically poked his ass out of his SUPER before it started like five times in a row with B. Her super looks like it could be comboed into, but I don’t know from what. It’s pretty fast and pimp looking. Her drawback is that had she a little more speed she’d be really fucked up, and she sucks hard after losing her weapon. There’s nothing she can really do. Mina can still outprioritize most slashes with a kick, Rera… well she doesn’t really need her little blade but it’s nice to have.

4) Basara
What an annoying little piece of shit. Fucking cunt. He’s got this fruity ass fireball that like, SLOWLY travels up and covers the quadrant of the screen you can jump in, and then he can cover the ground, and the fruity ass fireball eventually arcs down and comes at your sprite, granted you didn’t get in on him at all which is probably the case. Not to mention his retarded fucking command throw. He can zone very very well, but not as good as Mina so you might as well just play her. The hitbox on that fruity fireball is fucking big too. He lacks speed and priority though. If you get in on him, which is far easier than getting in on Mina, he dies. Charlotte owned his ass once he got in B range. His super is a charging combo super and he bounces off of you and goes back a ways if it’s blocked. All of the above mentioned characters can punish him after this because they’ve either got range, speed, or both, but I can see other chars not being able to punish. Very annoying bitch. Your girlfriend is dead cunt, now let it go.

  1. Jubei
    He’s got some good normals that all have some kind of utility. His running shoulder hit and I jump up in the air slashing move thing can be comboed into from one of the slashes I forget which one. His counter takes off MAD life. I was Rimururu once and jumped in and I got caught in his AA counter move, and it damn near took off half of my life bar. Maybe she has bad stamina but that shit was retarded. He does a decent amount of damage, but he’s slow and get outprioritized by the first three people. I lost a couple times with Charlotte only because I figuring him out, and after two matches he couldn’t win anymore. He can’t outpoke her, but he can definately outpoke anyone else probably. Mina owns him for free, he’s too slow. Rera is too Magneto for him. Charlotte is faster and has better pokes. It seems like Charlotte’s rushing mash on slash move will pass right through the tail end of Jubei’s mash on slash move too, so the guy would do it, suffer pushback from me blocking, and I’d just mash on slash and the start up on hers would allow his move to wind down, and he STILL having sword poke animations come out and I run right through them and multi poke him for free. Maybe it’s a hitbox detection issue. But as far as I see, nothing else is screwy at far as hitbox detection goes except Basara’s fruity fireball which has a God hitbox.


I would like to refresh my previous info.

TOP (In no particular order)

Yoshitora, Mina, Rimururu, Shizumaru


Genjuro, Yunfei, Hanzo, Charlotte, Rera


Just about everyone else, with honorable mention to Basara.

Is Mina the bitch with the bow? those god damn arrows are soo cheap lol

No they aren’t. Hit hit her with two solid ABs and then block from across the screen the rest of the round. You win.

Updated. Mummy’s new shit is in there. I list myself and B mainly because we’re from two totally different parts of Japan, respectively and see two different playstyles (Island style and Mainland style, woo.) If someone from America feels like giving a well thought out opinion, feel free. I’m thinking of going indepth at each char and their ability to compete.