Basic combos and juggles

Alright, when I look around the forums I can never seem to find anything on it. The best I got frankly is m.k, l.k hurricane kick, m.p shoryuken (yah I am used to number notation so that’s probably wrong). I was just wondering what some good juggles and combos might be for Akuma (with SAI) ;O. And pokes as well :o. As a matter of fact anything. In reference to pressure all I know is air hadoukens ftw. I am really quite clueless as to the specifics of him =(. Any help would be appreciated.

Woah alotta faces there.

Sorry if this has been asked before, but most of the threads seem to beat around everywhere on the subject, never quite highlighting what I am looking for.

Download one of those faqs you can find from gamefaqs or something by sr wilson. Thats got more than enough details on Akuma basics.

And watch videos. Search youtube for akuma 3s vids, or checkout what I put up at

I was hoping you would reply :o. You seem to be one of the more solid Akuma’s around here.

Oh snap he did make a guide. I thought all the GameFAQs Akuma guides were crap. Thanks alot for that!

Sorry for taking your time :o.

SR Wilson is crack!!

yeah i dunno about some of that guide. (x2) > lk hurricane > srk?

Anyways, you are best off just watching videos cause you’ll see whats effective in what situation.

sr wilson…doesn’t the dude post on here? hmmm…

Well if someone can bother posting up the details from that faq or something, I’ll be glad to edit out the bits which don’t make sense. Wilson posts here so you could just wait for him.

Or just go through the threads that have already been posted. There’s more than enough detail - just a case of you going and reading through them :wink:

if you have a question to ask SrWilson just ask me i will forward it on to him.

I was up at his place in Sheffield this weekend playing som 3s…were i fell in to some nasty demon set-ups and b1tch even got me with walk-up demon! :crybaby:

I’ve fooled around a bit in training mode, and find that jump m.k, land fierce, l.k tatsumaki, fierce shoryuken works well. Is this l.k tatsumaki crap I am doing, what I should be doing?

I’ll take another look around the forums for anything I might’ve missed.

Nothing didn’t make sense to me, but I’ll paste it if for any reason something might be inaccurate. So I’ll post it exempting the arcade mode stuff and updates part and all that.

V.Basic moves

Basic techniques

Dash forward-F,F quickly

Dash backward -B,B quickly

Block hold- B

Parry -F as opponent attacks you

air parry -In the air -F as opponent attacks you

crouch parry -crouching DF,as opponent attacks you

Kara throw -Do a special then immediatly press LP+LK to cancel out into a throw

Throw escape -LK+LP as your opponent tries to throw you

Here are Gouki?s general Punch and Kick attacks and the damage they do.
Standing LP -A fairly straight forward jab punch with not much priority
Damage =3%.

Crouching LP -A low straight forward Jab punch but this can have a bit more
priority and use than the Standing LP. Damage =3%.

Standing LK -This move also doesn?t have very much priority but it can prove
useful than the Standing LP. Damage =6%.

Crouching LK -This move can be great for chipping an opponents energy and can
easily be cancelled into a super Art. Damage =3%.

Standing MP-This can be utilised in a pretty decent way particularly for combos
or for a fast cancel into a special/super move. Damage =15%.

B+MP -Thrust punch -its reaction time is a bit ropey i myself haven?t found a
really good use for it yet but the damage is pretty good Damage= 15%.

F+MP -Double judo chop -This move can have some good uses and priorities it
really helps to stun an opponent Damage =12%

Crouching MP -This crouching punch can also be good for cancellations to
moves or into a combo Damage =14%.

Standing MK -This is a bit too slow for a good attack and can be evaded pretty
but again its damage is pretty good, Damage =17%.

Crouching MK -This is excellent to start a combo its great for cancelling
and its great for using as part of a combo too, Damage =13%

Standing HP -This punch is quite strong and can be useful for stunning your
and take a fair amount of power off your opponent, Damage =21%

Crouching HP -This move also does a fair amout of damage but it doesn?t really
have any good
cancelling techniques or priorities, Damage =20%

Standing HK -This move has brilliant priority on an opponent in the air use
this to
bring them down when they jump towards you, Damage =21%

Crouching HK -This is a sweep move its priority can be good ive mentioned this
further down
the FAQ read about it there. but its damage is =20%

Here?s a few basic moves that can be useful during play.
Jump in Air DF+LK -Knee bash -Gouki can do a jabbing knee bash in the air with
quick reaction time. Damage =6%

D+MK -This crouching style leg jab can come in handy for certain combos and
linking moves.
Damage =13%.

D+HK -The common sweep can also be good to knock the opponent off their feet
whilst you retreat or prepare to execute a super Art. Damage =20%.

D+MK -In the air -Dive Kick -This dive kick as good priority and can come in
very handy for starting a devastating combo. Damage =15%

Throw 1 -LP+LK -Gouki does a simple over the shoulder style throw to put the
opponent on the ground. Damage =15%

Throw 2 -F or B +LP+LK -Gouki tosses them with his leg across the screen this
can be quite good for following up a move with as long as the
timing is perfect. Damage =16%.

VI.Special moves

Gou -Hadou -QCF+LP or MP or HP

command - | \ --O + LP or MP or HP

Gouki throws a pink fireball at his opponent depending on which punch button
you press determines the speed of the fireball.
Its best used against opponents who try to keep their distance from you or as
a close up counter.just dont abuse it too much.
Damage =9%.

Flame Gou Hadou -HCB+LP or MP or HP

command - O-- \ | / --O + LP or MP or HP

Its best used in a similar way to the standard Gou hadou but this version can
stun opponents for a second or so for you to start a combo it can be cancelled
into SA I and II easily too.
Damage =6 to 7%.

Air Gou -Hadou -Jump in air then press -QCF+LP or MP or HP

command -in the air -| \ --O + LP or MP or HP

Gouki throws a diagonal air fireball which can also be great for evading
attacks from below. Damage =9%.

Gou -Shoryu -F,D,DF+LP or MP or HP

command - --O | \ + LP or MP or HP

Gouki raises his fist and jumps up with a huge uppercut smashing his opponents
face in. the height of this move once again depends on which punch button you
Its best used when an opponent is in the air to counter them or to do as part
of a combo e.g After a jumping HK that hits the opponent straight on then
straight into the Gou -Shoryu move. Damage =19 to 21%.

Gou -zankuu -kyaku -QCB+LK or MK or HK (Can be done in the air)

command - | / --O + LK or MK or HK

Gouki drifts off the ground with his leg stretched out and spinning repeatedly.
Its best used to juggle your opponent in the air for a devastating combo.
Damage =14% ,Air version Damage =12%.

Hyakki Shuu -F,D,DF+LK or MK or HK

command - --O | \ +LK or MK or HK

When this move is entered there are a number of attacks at your disposal
all these attacks mentioned here are done after the Demon Raid.

Do nothing -Hyakki gouzan, Damage =15%

HP -Hyakki gou shou , Damage =19%

HK -Hyakki goujin, Damage =15%

LP+LK -Hyakki gousai -next to opponent. Damage =16%

The range of the hyakki gouzan depends on which Kick button you press.

Ashura senkuu -F,D,DF+PP (to teleport long distance)

Command - --O | \ +PP (to teleport forward long distance)

F,D,DF+KK (to teleport short distance forward)

Command - --O | \ +KK (To teleport short distance forward)

If you want to teleport backwards then press -B,D,DB+PP or KK buttons.

B,D,DB+PP (To teleport long distance backwards)

Command - O-- | / +PP (To teleport long distance backwards)

B,D,DB+KK (To Teleport short distance backwards)

Command - O-- | / +KK (to teleport short distance backwards)

Gouki mysteriously ghosts across the screen through his opponent.
Its best used to get out of corners if your playing against someone who uses
combos in the corner but a warning if you are playing a Ryu player using the
or a Hugo player using the Gigas breaker teleport extremely cautiously as a
skilled player can get you in these moves whilst you are teleporting and you
will lose ALOT of energy you have been warned!

VII.Super Arts

Messatsu -Gou -Hadou -QCF,QCF+P Super bar I

command - | \ --O, | \ --O +P

gauge - <-------------------------> 2

Gouki powers up and throws a super charged fireball doing huge damage.
Its best combined with the normal Gou -Hadou for double damage , to
combine it quickly do a Gou-Hadou then immediatly after that do the
Messatsu -Gou -Hadou its also a great suprise/wakeup move too.

In the Air -Tenma gou zankuu -QCF,QCF+P on Super bar I

Command in air | \ --O ,| \ --O +P

gauge - <-------------------------> 2

This super art is done in the air use this one to counter Ground -air
moves like the Shoryuken. Damage =25% The Air version Damage =27%.

Messatsu -Gou-Shoryu -QCF,QCF+P Super bar II

command - | \ --O, | \ --O +P

gauge - <------------------------> 2

Gouki powers up and delivers a super Gou-Shoryu shich also does a huge amount
of damage. It is best used to counter other super moves such as kens
Be cautious with this as if its blocked you could take a ton of damage.
Damage =32%.

Messatsu -Gou-Raisen, -QCF,QCF+K Super Bar III

command - | \ --O, | \ --O +K

gauge - <------------------------> 2

This move can also be done in the air. Gouki stretches his leg out and spins
whilst going up in the air at the same time.
It?s best used to counter an opponent who is in the air so you can counter them
from careful though as if blocked you are very vunerable to alot of damage
from your opponent.
Damage =35% Air version damage =36%.

Shun-Goku-Satsu -(Raging Demon)-LP,LP,F,LK,HP,Any Super bar on MAX

gauge - <-----------MAX-----------> 2

This is the ultimate finishing move Gouki charges up and glides towards the
opponent if he grabs them the screen will go white and he will kick 15 shades
of hell out of them literally wiping them out resulting in the demon symbol
appearing and Gouki
engulfed in flames. I usually jump in with a HK hoping they block it then I do
a standing HK then when they block it I immediatly set the Shun-Goku-Satsu off
and it usually gets them It can also be cancelled out of Gouki?s Over head chop
,I myself sometimes use it to get through other super combos and special moves
to hit it.
Another common way its used is after a super or Special move where the
character goes into the air and comes down vunerable there you can perfectly
time the Shun Goku Satsu and it will connect.
Another simple trick is to throw a Flame fireball up close and Then as they are
parrying or Blocking it cancel into the Shun Goku Satsu and it will get them.
It can be cancelled out of a HP Gou shoryu but its very annoying to do so dont
really bother with that technique.
One other way that comes to my head is to do it out of the Hyakki Goujin and
cancel into the Shun Goku Satsu but its hard to perfect but it can Be done.
Use it also to counter through an opponents air parry of your Zankuu Gadou ken
too, use it as a suprise move or as a fast recovery move too.
Damage = 46%.

Kongou Kokuretsu Zan (Gateway to Hell) -DDD+PPP , Any super bar on MAX

command - | | | +PPP
gauge - <-----------MAX-----------> 2

Another very powerful move, this time Gouki charges up his fist and punches the
ground causing some purple spikes to come out of the ground and destroy his
opponent. Without a doubt the best time to use this is when your opponent is in
the air as they can?t defend against it.
A good little trap with this is do do a HK Tatsumaki zankuu kyaku then as you
land they will most likely attack you so as soon as you land pause for 1/2 a
second then do the Kongou kokuretsu zan and they will perish if done right as
they will be in their character will be in a move animation frame so they cant
do anything, be a bit cautious though as some supers can over come you so
really do it when they haven?t got any Super power stocked.
Damage =52%.


1.Demon flip -> LK for Dive kick -> Crouching LK ->LK ver of Hurricane Kick
->HP ver of Gou Shoryu.

2.done on SA gauge I - opponent in corner -> Air HK ver of hurricane kick ->SA
I (Messatsu gou hadou) ->HK ver Hurricane Kick ->HP ver of Gou shoryu.

3.done on SA gauge I or II
Air Gou hadou ->crouching LK ->SA I (Messatsu gou hadou or SA II (messatsu
gou shoryu).

4.done on SA gauge I on MAX with opponent in corner ->Air HK ver Hurricane
kick ->Crouching HP ->SA I (messatsu gou hadou ) ->SA I again Metsassu gou

5.Done on SA gauge I or II -Demon flip ->MK Dive kick ->Crouching MK -> HP ver
gou hadou ->SA I or II.

6.Done on SA gauge II
Demon flip ->LK ver Dive kick ->LK ver hurricane kick ->LP ver Gou shoryu
->cancel into SA II (Messatsu gou shoryu).

7.Done on SA Gauge II
Demon flip ->MK ver Dive kick ->Crouching MK ->LP ver Gou hadou ->Cancel into
SA II (messatsu gou shoryu).

8.Done on SA Gauge III
Jumping HK ->Crouching MK ->LK ver Demon flip ->LK ver Dive kick ->LK ver
hurricane kick ->SA III (Messatsu gou raisen).

9.Opponent in the air HK hurricane kick ->HP Gou shoryu

10.Crouching LK X 2 ->LK Tatsumaki zankuu kyaku ->LP Gou Shoryu

11.Near corner on SA I -Demon flip ->Dive kick ->LK tatsumaki zankuu kyaku->LP
Gou shoryu -> SA I (Messatsu gou hadou) ->HK Tatsumaki zankuu kyaku.

still more to come.


Firstly I’d like to clarify to everyone this is not mine seriously I’d never write shit like some of that - it was originally written by some TOSF players posing as me because they wanted to try make a fool of me because I basically called em rubbish at sf - when they compared themselves to Japan.
They even made some fake user names on here of me,
With some rather stupid email addresses.

Anyone who has played me can surely tell i’d never write anything as stupid as this.

21% for crouch HK…:rofl:

Imagine if cr lk x2 - hurricane - fierce dp actually did combo looooool

Oh fuck it, here as some basic combos for you to mess with

If you’re jumping in solid - HP, HP, lk hurricane, HP SRK
Jumping in but not really landing next to opponent - HP, cr.MK, lk hurricane, HP SRK
Those same combos against Q and Alex - replace lk hurricane with mk hurricane

If meeting opponent in air, juggle them with air hurricanes. Follow up with either another ground hurricane to juggle for two extra hits, or a dragon to knockdown, or a HP to reset which you can cancel into other things, or a lp reset which you can follow up with super. If they parry the super, you can really screw them up with follow up air hurricanes.

Against most characters, bear in mind that a close mk hurricane can be followed up with HK hurricane or MP SRK - but timing is very strict.

Red fireball into SA1 is evil for chip damage kills.

Close standing mk - confirm/link SA1 afterwards.

If you can do all of these, you shouldn’t really need to ask any questions about ‘basic juggles or combos’ anymore :lol:

And yeah, I had a look or two at the stuff you posted, and like Wilson said - its shit. Don’t ever follow that.

Haha, yah some of those seemed a bit out there.

Everything after “If you’re jumping in solid - HP, HP, lk hurricane, HP SRK” excluding “Red fireball into SA1 is evil for chip damage kills.” was more or less new to me. Thanks =).

Werd to that. The help is thoroughly appreciated my friend =).

isn’t easier to combo than j.fp. if so, that should be noted

I think j.hp does a point or two more damage, plus I’m positive it does more stun

yes it definitely does, just harder to combo into your standing move.

also, random question.

anyone use the > lk hk > jab > fp srk combo? i’ve seen this done before, but im not sure where you do the jab, is it when you press forward or down forward?

mp shoryu is better, sometimes hp shoryu will whiff. I do the lp while in neutral position, but sometimes I do it while pressing forward. depend on your speed, I guess.

I honestly dont see the point of that combo because it literally adds in 1 point of damage for something that you have to execute pretty fast. However I do go for the lp, hk hurricane link after lk hurricane because it juggles the opponent slightly higher so gives me a few frames more to recover from the follow up taunt.