Basic adon tips

I’m fairly new to SSFIV. I have a t6 hori wireless stick and I have 600pp 1300bp with guy (got all pp with guy). People say I’m pretty good with guy(not in the I am new to the game way but more in general). I picked adon for fun in an endless against a 7000bp ryu and won. Then lost/won at a 50% rate against way higher PP players. I was stoked about adon and considering to main him next to guy. But I could use some general tips about adon. I have trouble with comboing lp and lk into eachother. And I prefer U2 as an anti-air.

Thanks in advance

Edit: I suck against shoto’s lol.

First off, dont take online play that srs at all. Next if you wanna get good with adon I suggest you drop guy for the time being or put adon to the side because you are just starting out no need to jump to another character already.

Now thats aside…

[media=youtube]Ol4ApFLEXpE]YouTube - Zade [Zoro Blad] (Adon) VS Vega [CLAW[/media]

Well I made a typo. I mean that I’ll main both guy and adon. Lost 4 ranked matches in a row and won 1. freaking 3500~6700bp and 500pp shoto’s. They were sitting in the corner to counter srk. How do I avoid because when I got close they spinkicked mid air to the other side sigh…

well if they do the whole helicopter shit, as in midair tatsu away… if you have ultra 1 you can punish that on reaction. I believe ex tooth also works if your quick enough. If you sort of know its coming an early ex jk may catch them midair and can juggle with a rj or u2 if you have that.
remember if you hit both hits of the ex jk only the 2nd hit of a lk jk will hit. everything else wiffs i believ.

You could try scaring them by dashing or simply walking forward if they’re running away. Adon has good footspeed and a very quick dash so walking them into a corner shouldn’t be a problem. Obviously the challenge is keeping them there. I have some ideas on taking advantage of the situation that may or may not be of use:

~Against turtling: correctly spaced JKs or aerial JKs of all ranges (chip), EX JK (overhead), (overhead), blockstrings that may or may not end with JK or a tick throw.
~Against neutral jump/jump back: EX JK (combo), correctly timed aerial (into sweep or combo if they land), wait
~Against jump forward: correctly spaced anti-airs (eg., cr.hp, RJ, U2)
~Against Shoryus/mashing: bait and punish (simplest options are st.hp and, blockstring mixup, HK JK (possible trade or stuff)
~Against Air Tatsu: mind reading aerial (preferably mp or fp), or pursue with JT
~Against footsies and pokes: outfootsie them, or space your JKs

Also important: if you have a decent life lead, you have no reason to follow your opponent. If they insist on playing it lame, follow suit: you’ll win the time-out. They have to come to you, so of course be ready for them when they finally get wise to their disadvantage.

Adon has solid tools for dealing with scrubby fireballs. EX JK, JT (in moderation), U1 (personal favourite) FADC (fast dash ftw) and his narrow, quick jump arc should be a great help. Shoryus and mashing have more universal solution: bait and punish.

Been playing more adon lately. FADC works perfect but I always fail at the second QCF for u2. And my U2 timing misses 50% by next to nothing. Any tips for better U2 timing since I tend to miss it to punish jumps. And is L.backflipkickthing or heavy better for close range? since heavy can be easily punished by SRK?

Dont rush the fadc U2 if you’re just learning it take your time and wait a second before you do the ultra or rising jaguar.

The back flippy thing is called a jaguar tooth, and what are you trying to use it for? I’ll take it you’re trying to get in. Try to utilize more of his jaguar kicks and walk speed to get in

Uhm I was talking about jaguar kick just looked up the name. I kinda try to bait up SRK with air jag.kicks but is air or ground jag.kick better for low level play. I need to work on my defense a bit more with adon. Lost alot of pp yesterday to turtles(well earned it all back but whatever). And Is ex jag.thooth>u2 a good combo if they sit in a corner since I sometimes just use it because I like the combo.

Jaguar tooth is a good move to bait SRKs, just don’t abuse it. Are you trying to bait by jumping in and changing your jump arc so they whiff?

If you are losing to turtles it isn’t your defense that needs to be addressed it is checking your aggression. I’m guessing you weren’t losing from standing back and taking damage as they were zoning you rather you were getting countered as you mounted your offense.

Don’t underestimate the power of EX Jaguar Kick against low level turtles. I have used the move 4 times in a row and they don’t catch on that they need to block it standing, and quite literally I use it 3 times in a row against at least one opponent every session that I use Adon. Just stand at far poke range and let them have it, back up, do it again or maybe throw out a lk or a sweep…

Against better players you’ll need to exercise more caution although sometimes doing two in a row is ballsy and unexpected enough to work. You’ll have to read your opponent for that.

EX Jaguar Tooth is sort of like EX Machine Gun blow with Dudley. Counting on it as part of your game is “online scrub status”. It is a tool that you can bring out from time to time but relying on it isn’t going to serve you well as you face better opponents.


Okay ill work on that. One last thing. The combo’s. I have problems with connection 2 normals into special with adon. I can perfectly do 3x cr.lp> with guy etc but I find it really hard to combo with adon. The timing feels different and way more precise.

If you want to focus on how to play at low level, then id say standard jag kicks are the way to go. However personally id say using instant air jagkicks mixed in are better, ever since I started using both I have become much better. The pressure you can put on is awesome ^^

I know ill likely repeat what others have said here, but use ex tooth sparingly. Infact I tend to use tooth in general sparingly. Its far too easy to punish and against some characters you may aswell not bother. for example makoto can use that mp with awesome priority, and she recovers so fast. She will beat out all forms of tooth except ex which trades I believe.
I tend to use tooth against some fireball or srk happy players(like you do to bait) but be careful as characters like chun and sim have slow ass fireballs so you have to delay the move at which point you could be beat out.
The other thing to be careful is that some characters can punish it full screen or almost full screen with certain ultras, so even the lk variation is unsafe.

As for combos I find doing a standing hit then a crouching hit followed by a special is the easiest to combo. Even though I have quite alot of experiance playing adon I sometimes fail, cr.lp xx lk/mk.rj. Also id say make sure your doing lk.rj for combos until you get used to the timing as it has a 3f startup i believe compared to the 4 or 5 from mk and hk, perhaps im wrong on this though?

Oh and as for cr.lp’s, do guys chain? Adons are 2f links I believe and cannot be chained, so timing is important. I believe you can double tap the punches much like you can double tap each of bisons’s.

oh and if you play a jump heavy player ex.ajk in middle of playing field > u2. ive only recently started using it but its so handy.

ps. im still only mediocre with Adon but I have tried alot of things and this is just how I have gotten on.

Well I am using JK alot more but I feel like heavy JK is way better since It saves my ass from getting SRKED and how should I get closer to the target without tooth. I don’t really understand why U1 doesn’t do full hits when the two/three kicks hit. And maybe sombody willing to mirror/train with me:D?

FADC, walking forward and blocking as needed, neutral jumps, crouching, taunt number 5? (the one where he flips), dashing. All of those can be used to help advance. Remember, if you are jumping because you think you need to it is probably what the other player wants.

You’re trying to score a knockdown so you can begin your mix up and pressure game. That’s when you can jump, once you have them where you want them.

Stop thinking of jumping as a way to get in and applying pressure, limit yourself to using forward jump from safe distances. That distance will change from character to character and what their meter is like. Actually stop thinking of advancing as being something that happens in the air, you have far more options while on the ground.

Whenever you think you should jump or use tooth insert a block, neutral jump, dash, FA, a poke, a Jaguar Kick, etc. Pretty much eliminate jumping for awhile. You’ll start losing more and eventually you’ll say to yourself “Fuck! I I had jumped at him then instead of trying for an overhead I would have won.” It is going to be far easier to learn when it is genuinely advantageous to jump by identifying positive scenarios than it is to pick what works out of a million random jump ins.

having been using Adons forward dash more recently its pretty awesome.
This dash coupled with, mk.jk and FADC’s should let you get in without ever needing to jump.

Way I see it is…
3 types of jk’s, lk has the distance and I think its safe if you just connect with the tip? even if its not mk is awesome and have good range, plus it hits some people out of the air. It also goes over most fireballs and some normals like the shoto :smiley:
Dash should get you in fast, it also dodges under alot of moves, akumas hk, sagats punch fireballs, some of sims closer punches.
FADC like dash but perhaps less risky :stuck_out_tongue:

I am gonna try and not use jump at all in my next few games.

ChapDDr where are you located and what platform ?

The netherlands and XBL but my internet is above average so americans with decent internet are mostly 2bar for me. It´s playable.

ah im from the uk so we should do fine :smiley:

Haha awesome I´ll add you tomorrow :smiley: