Basement Krew thread

Ok guys we can post here instead of spamming the corpus thread.:rolleyes:

Start it off, Robert you need to roll cancel

Dillon, you need to attack more

PS- LOL at sig, looks like you been looking at wikipedia:rofl:

Good idea Dillon thomas wright,…about time we had this thread :tup:

when are you ungrounded Roberto miguel benavidez

If your from corpus and your in this thread…go away

GuMz wants skittlez


boy?this boy has a penis 4x larger then yours :rofl:

team ziploc full of change

me and u roberto were taking it


ill bring a few ziplocs and some change as well!

lol,i never thought about it but i will be bringing it to the tournament.

Guys, my mp fell out again and im too lazy to fix it:wasted:, i’ll probably get around to it. But im going to mail my order today, so i hope i get my buttons soon so ya’ll can help me get them on and get used to them before the tournament,

yea robert they useally come in really fast or they take a long time to so just be paitent bcuz the last time i saw someone order from him with a mo it took a while

dude i think you messed up my stick when you hit, i think its not as sensitive on one of the diagonals

dude thats all in your mind i hit my stick like 5x harder but also its cus the sfac joystick it fucks up badly really quickly but ur gettin a new one so it dosent matter

I didnt buy a stick, just the buttons:sad:

your stick was never sensitive XD

killy-First round he plays around then…unleashes it



fucking A dude i need a stick i pay cash bitches.

no, you need skill

make sure its a tall stick gotta have tall stick!!

Quiet son before I break your shins with that big ass stick of yours. And dont worry I dont need the buttons fixed to pull off that hit confirm motherfucker.