BARUTO THREAD 1.0: The next generation

New thread for the Baruto Manga / Anime!

latest manga:

Please let this shit die already.

Kishimoto is still alive but they took Sato? Fuck this shit

The first episode was movie quality. That duel Vs Kawaki at the beginning, and Orochimaru is already back ? I have a lot of questions.

The ride never stops. Hinata best mom

Himawari, best imouto.


Over under on the big bad turning into a woman?

With a Himawari pillow, I would probably sleep better.

Wait what? Umm might need a refresher course on this.

Already ? But there’s only one episode. You can’t be lost already.

I am just taken aback that people are still giving Kishi money for this shit…

I low key loved the first ep.

Kinda feels like a fresh start…but the BS awaits.

this series has taken more steps forward than DBZ (Super was a large forward, but it’s still clinging to the old generation), Fist of the North Star and Bleach combined, though still glaring flaws only a game can fix in its versus modes.

Konohamaru looks kind of cute now. handsome even. not sure about the hair tho.

Himawari seems a few years too young to be an epic ninja, that’s a shame. she has potential. well maybe they’ll Shippuden the ages up a bit later.


You gonna have to fix that title, bruh. Gonna link this in the other thread so people know it actually exists.

Why am I reading this? :frowning:

Damn, wrong thread.
So as far as the anime goes. This is the team that did Boruto The Movie & The Last who is behind this anime.

A complete different team from the Shippuden anime, and, we hope, a better result.

minus Noriyuki Abe, who was brought on to BORUTO to insure Hiroyuki Yamashita doesn’t overwork himself to death. The main staff of BORUTO: Next Generations is basically The Last/BORUTO staff, even one of the producer/new character designers of the series is form The Last/BORUTO

The guy who does the musics is the same as in Shippuden, his work sounds like what he did for the Boruto movie.

I just hope they don’t spend too much time building towards the situation shown during the start.


you realize we gonna need a time skip right? lmfao. see you in 3 years