Barfights and shit


so where? BEST WESTERN EXECUTIVE INN on john and taylor right by the emp/space needle.

call 206-448-9444 for directions but dont be like B-B-B-BAR FIGHTS?!?!?! also just walk right in straight back to the bar and dont stop FOR SHIT. if someone says something to you JUST RUN

when? 5pm-10pm, possibly later

whos invited? 21+ only, sorry youngstaz its a bar.

downside is they want it to be a 3 drink minimum but you might be able to get by that. dont order food though cuz me and josh will come out and beat your ass

so theres 3 tv’s in the bar and its pretty spacious. theres also outlets i believe so you could bring setups.

i was thinking id bring the dc, a mas, and the green goblin with the tdc disc and evo 08 disc for a good variety of games but bring whatever. bring a magic mic so you can get drunk and sing karaoke like we do.

if you have any questions call me 206-853-5311 and hopefully ill be awake to answer your call. probably wont be able to answer after 5pm cuz my boss is an asshole

this can be the first of many so make it happen captain. MANDEL HAS THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE

Im bout to order food!!

if you call Jacob and hear:

“I lost my phone last night…”

he didn’t lose his phone, but it’s still a funny ass voice mail greeting.


for the sake of not pissing anybody off i’m going to just shut up now and show up.

No go for me tonight, next time for sure. Maybe someone wants to be my DD? :slight_smile:

Umm…is this tonight???

it was a terrible day to show up. we’ll plan this out when its not 5am hahahahaha BIG UPS TO BRENT THOUGH, HE SHOWED UP

I think it’s tight that the three of you work together, it would make a funny ass movie.

Whats up with SFIV barfights though? I’m down.

theres 1 big ass tv, then another tv in the corner on the upper half and a pool table. theres also 2 outlets on the left wall so we could do like 4 total setups after moving some tables and shit around. its pretty tight when all 3 of us work together