Yeah, i know it’s kinda weird to post a MK fanart here, but hey, i haven’t posted in a while. I haven’t played MK since MKII, but i just saw the terrible render that was released of the new version of Baraka and had to make my own. I may go on and do a full-body version, but right now it’s just the head.

yo, the head looks ok. If your gonna do the body, I can’t wait to see it!!!

Man thats some rad computer coloring.

Not to mention old skool. That games around 10 years old now!

This dude just used rad. i thought i wa the only person using that these days. btw good structure and coloring man.

hey Jashugan! :slight_smile:

nice pic… like SFMC said, nice colours & structure.
and I agree: MK2 Baraka head > new MK Baraka head.


Hey, Jashugan! Nice to see you around…actually, I’ve been gone for a while myself. :confused: Anywya, nice work you got going here so far. I’ve never been a big MK fan, but Baraka is a cool character and I think you hit his personality well. Keep up the good work, and if you finish it, post it up. Take care my friend. :smiley: