Bar Fights 2 - October 11th 2009 - Pasadena, CA - Powered by Gootecks

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen!
Consider this your official announcement!
Bar Fights is back!
Read all about it!

A few things going on so get your reading glasses on and pay attention.

— Essential Info —

Jakes of Pasadena
38 W Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91105

Official Schedule:

— Official Events Section —

                 **[Bar Fights II Main Event: New York City?s Empire Arcadia vs. SoCal!](**

              The main event of Bar Fights II will be a special SoCal vs. New York City?s Empire Arcadia 5v5 exhibition match!

New York City?s Empire Arcadia:

[]Justin Wong (2nd Place Evo 2009, #1 player in USA)
]Arturo ?sabin? Sanchez (beat Daigo in a money match at Evo)
[]Joe ?iloveu? Ciaramelli (2nd Place East Coast Throwdown)
]Sanford Kelly (4th Place Evo 2009)
[*]Martin ?Marn? Phan (1st Place West Coast Warzone)
Representing SoCal:

[]Alex Valle (2nd Place West Coast Warzone)
]Ed Ma (3rd Place Evo 2009)

Grudge/Speculation Matches


— Qualifier Events & Info —

You have 2 opportunities to qualify for the WC 5v5 event!

both will be

Saturday October 10th @ Denjin Arcade x2 back to back
2 qualifiers in one day?! i know it’s madness! But, stay with me.
1st Qual: no later than 2pm
2nd Qual: no later than 7pm

If requested console SF4 can be used so long as people can supply set ups.

But more on this later

Confirmed Spots

  1. Calipower
  2. EdMa
  3. Combofiend

$20 entry 70% winner - The rest goes to the bar fights fund.
16 man cap per bracket

The winners of each event will win a spot on the WC team

You may enter a tournament twice, but only win one

— Rules and Misc —

Same Character is NOT allowed per team

So what? That’s it?
Dear god no my friend!

Come back here daily with more specific event details that we’ll be releasing.
Did you like the first one? Then you can’t miss this one.


9/27: UTJ/Bryant vs Magus/FilipinoChamp
9/29: Added 5v5 details! <-- Updates via email!


**Is the event 21+ only?
**No, all ages are welcome. Unless you plan on drinking of course.

Will there be casual stations for us to play on?
Sadly no, but “beat a pro” will be back. perhaps with some goodies :slight_smile:

Will 2 of the same characters be allowed on 1 team for the 5v5?
nope, easy as that

Will the event be streamed?

senior shoo
i have a question

if i dont want to enter any tournaments or qualifiers, and i just want to go to bar fights to watch and chill with friends-

how much am i going to have to pay?

Anyone willing to donate $20 so I can beat all the people I usually beat only to ultimately choke against foreigners?

what do you mean by foriengers
non so cal peeps? JAPANESE? MEXICANOS?

ill money mirrormatch u for the $20:china:
itll just be like a donation

If you ain’t local you a foreigner.

Oh, Andy! You are a tricky one! We shall talk about this.

Awesomness. You guys gonna have a scrubs vs. pros thing again?

ill address this soon enough, things are still up in the air

yes it will be back. Not in the same way tho. Details soon

shoo, i love gootecks and i love bar fights but i love you most of all:lovin:

as much as i love this concept, why are these always on Sunday? really hard for some of us to drive out super far, and get crunk and have a workday early next morning.

i loved him first bitch :lovin:

So there - This time I will drink right away though to get HYPE!!!

I remember Beat a Pro, and the pros were jus ass raping these joes. lol

I have a suggestions

Random Beat a Pro

the Challenger can play any character they please. The Pro has to pick Random selection no matter what.

If the Challenger wins, they can double or nothing. =]

Yay. Bar Fights 2!

Yayyy on the day before my birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Gootecks you better hook a creepa up! Hahahahaha

this is also the day of my girlfrie- uhh i mean teresa’s bday :smiley:

I will be there…drunk.

Will Be there AGAIN drunk and yelling shit I never regret saying like:

Fuck sf4
Fuck you bartender
Fuck why am I wet?
Taste the Rainbow!
Fucking Mike Boss
Bitch ya free…

Can I donate some prizes? I love this shit <3