I need some help making a banner for my forum. I’m not bad with photoshop or psp. But frankly i hate looking at my own work everyday.

I need a banner thats 800 X 120 basically your free to do whatever u want. If u want put the text
SiN or Shame in Nothing in the banner if not, no big deal.

I’ve been trolling SRK for years now and I simply love the stuff that people do here. Master Chibi Blodia Vulcan, and my hoosier brotha TetsuAKA have always been my fav’s.

Like i said, anything goes. It’s basically a forum for me and my friends to just shoot the shit.

No one willing to help out?

One more bump.

Anything… come on people.

I’ll help you out, but I’m not sure what to do either. Maybe a suggestion you have would be nice, because if you don’t know, I don’t know. :lol:

You do want the words: “SiN or Shame in Nothing” on it right?

Yeah man, that would be great. Anything with Shame in Nothing or just SiN would be perfect.

We are a TeamFortress 2 / Counter Strike clan but mainly we just shit around and talk with each other so. anything goes. Street Fighter, TF2, anime… ect whatever u want to make or do with the size 800 X 120

Something quick & simple:

I’m diggin’ that border and gloss. :cool: Good shi’.

Thank you sir. :shy:

:tup: That looks splendid. Awesome work as always KZ… dood!

Thanks Dood.


This is amazing work. :bows: thanks so much BTW i love everything about it :slight_smile:

You’re welcome sir. Glad you like.