Banned Fighters, please exlain this to me

I’ve tried to use the search option for this topic and can’t find anything. (Actually every time I tried to search the screen would go white and my connection would time out) So if this has been posted before, I apologize. I just hope that I don’t kicked off. The rules are very strenuous in here, but I digress.

Since I’ve been on SRK, I have noticed the occasional mention of banned characters/fighters. My question is this, if a gamer is good enough at a game that they have played and practiced to near perfection, then why would it matter who they faced, even characters deemed “unfair” or “cheap”. I believe that if your good enough, you should be able to deal with anything the game and opponent throws at you.

I may be wrong here, but I think it should be about the skill and not what a matchup possibility says. (Possibility being the key word).

Granted if you intentionally choose a weaker fighter against the more powerful one, then shouldn’t you know what you are getting yourself into? Taking a character like Dhalsim against Sagat would be akin to pulling a knife at a gunfight, but if you are good with Dhalsim then you should stand a chance (I’m sorry if I offended anyone with this matchup, it just popped in my head). Finally, if you do choose the weaker fighter and get beat, then that’s just tough, you chose him (you probably like the character) and shouldn’t whine about it. There is no mercy in my pixelated dojo. :arazz:

So what does anyone else think?

If a character is banned there’s a reason for it. There’s a difference between cheap and broken. Sagat is not banned in SFIV by the way, you don’t know how to play the game and just think that he’s broken and the world’s best SFIV player right now is a Dhalsim player…


actually he’s a rufus player

There is a difference between this:


And this:


Not really…both are the same link.

It’s assuming equal skill between the players or sometimes it’s because the character does something really different from what the rest can do or even if a character is console exclusive in a multi format game. (see Agol in SCIV who got banned for his bubbles and Yoda/Vader (although they may be unbanned now exclusivity is gone, but I reckon that if yoda isn’t banned for being so damn short algol shouldn’t be banned for his bubbles imo))

Some characters are overpowered to the point where such a tournament would result in every person picking that character in order to have a fighting chance. Sometimes that can be fun, but most of the time it isn’t.

Tier lists assume that everyone playing is at the absolute maximum level of skill. The skill of a player has very little to do whether a character gets banned or not or where they fall in the tier lists.

Not even close, Iyo is the world’s best at the moment with Dhalsim.

Rufus gets raped by Daigo’s Ryu and various other players/characters.

/posting in troll thread

cheap is just scrub mentality, broken is when the regular mechanics of the game are bent for this certain character, i.e Akuma in vanilla ST. Characters dont have options to deal with air fireballs…In SF4, Dhalsim can beat Sagat cause he has options…

Seth and Gouken arent banned because they havent shown any elements that breaks the game, even though they are bosses…


Ok, I understand it a little bit better now. (When I used the Dhalsim and Sagat match-up, it was just for illustration, didn’t know it would get anyone fired up) Thanks for the information.

I promise. The Wiki doesn’t blow as much as it used to.

then why didnt iyo get top at the last big international tourney?

:lol: :lol: Awesome.

theres a difference between a match video between two skilled players, and a combo video featuring gill.

A better example would be to find a match video of Gill doing those things, or a vanilla ST match between Akuma and someone else in the game. since the videos would at least be structioned similarly and you’d be able to compare them.

I could say for instance make a combo video with sagat in SF4 and show how powerful he can potientally be, but none of that would actually carry over into a match.

Kindevu is definitely the best Rufus player in the world but I believe Daigo is a bit better than him overall.

And what if your opponent is as good as you are, but using said banned character?

I’m inspired, I’m gonna campaign to use Kliff at Evo 09

evo needs more justice, man. :wink:

Go ahead. Both of them are gonna fall to Eddie.:coffee:

OH, please shut up. Wong owned Iyo. Iyo owned the japanese tournament. Maybe Wong got lucky, maybe Kindevu is better, but your labeling of stuff as definitive about players that never faced each other in games you never played in your life due solely to fact that in your mind japanese are a superior race is still able to annoy me. I think most people just stopped caring, since no one else replies to your craziness anymore.

wasn’t someone gonna run a side tournament with Kliff/Justice or something