Baltimore, MD Street Fighter 4 Tournament

Hello everyone!
Iam new to Shoryuken my online psn name is RanSoM iam not known in the street fighter 4 world yet but if you played socom u know who iam. the reason iam posting this is because: a host of people and myself are putting a local tournament together in Baltimore. possibly spot is " Sisters Place " if you are local u would know what iam talking about. we will have two systems running there, it will be a XBOX 360 and Playstation 3. It will be a host of games there to play but the main attraction is Street Fighter 4. Right now we are just putting it out there to try to get some support i know Game Stop will be sponsoring it so it will be prize money for the top 3 players, music will be by D.J Spontaneous or 1 other D.J i cant Remember the name at this time. It also will be a fee to get in, that as of right now is being discussed. All i ask is a little feedback and support from the locals From Baltimore and also other that might be interested in this to try to jump start this thing! Thank you all and please leave me some feedback!
Game On!!!

um can you give some more details? when is it? where is sister’s place? what times? etc. People are pretty wary about scammers and whatnot nowadays, so I’m just letting you know

um, when u other games what do u mean by that.

It’s hard to support, with absolutely no information.

Sounds pretty fishy to me. :bluu:

I’m with this if you can give more detail and make it more solid…

i can understand of how its sounds fishy but i just dont want to put a time and date together and not have some support with ppl coming the guy that’s getting it together have to see he can put everything together. iam just putting it out there that soon it will be a tournament and just wanted to let the ppl know about it again this is my first time on here if u wanna talk my psn is xRanSoM send a friends invite and we can discuss this future in detail and when i hear more info i will let u guys know ty for the feedback!!!

Make a date and time first and post it in the thread title and from there you may get some support. We’re not just gonna be your friend like that. Give us a place and time to go to and some other incentive and we’ll see wuz up. It’d also be nice if you typed a bit more professionally for someone trying to hold a tournament for the first time but whatever.

Agree with all of the above. I’m interested. Let us know what other games and other information in greater detail please.

Hello everyone again thank you for the feedback but please be easy for me, the guy thats doing this works for gamestop he said that its already in the working they just looking for a place with alot of tv’s but the games that will be there is Madden 2010, Call Of Duty 4, street Fighter 4, and Fight Night the new one!

Sounds good.