Baltimore, MD, check it out! MvC2, T5, SSBB, GH3, Rock Band, Halo 3, and more!

Heads up, Baltimore, MD!! There’s a tournament downtown for Marvel and T5. I think registration for each is $30 and it’s a console tourney. Show some love and show up and play some games. It seems like this is going to be the start of the revival of the fighting game scene in MD.

Click here for more info!!

I’m kinda begging you guys to come out and help me show this guy what a real fighting game tournament is like, because it seems like he doesn’t know from what I’ve (and skisonic and Rugal B.) have experienced from just talking to the kid. So please help and show some support! Much love. No homo.


I will go if you go

30 beans per game?

One name to scare all of you…Greg Foster

lol he’s like 654654651310321530 in the country dog.

I am going, already registered.

Yeah… kinda expensive, considering we’re usually only paying $10 per entry fee.