Balrog's 'What went wrong' and 'Critique' video thread

I know regulars are pretty critical of what threads are being posted. I’m just trying my luck here :sweat:

As we know, the upcoming updates from CAPCOM will have recording of matches available.
What i am trying to do is to set up a thread for videos, most likely from average gamers, for people to analyse and give some pointers on what went wrong during a match that cost you the match.

We have very helpful and experienced people like Corner-trap, Ephemeral etc who are more than willing to share their opinion. This thread may be a little cold now and are restricted to those who use their own recording devices to capture sub-par video quality. In addition, sometimes criticism are not easy to take :rofl:

So let’s keep the ball rolling. I have posted my first video on my failure to beat Vega and i’ve absorbed valuable feedback and working towards being a better player.

Problem with Vega.

I always find Vega hard to beat, especially his unpredictable mix up in the air. An example is as below. Please advise how to improve myself against Vega.


u should play him like u did in the 1st round of that video lol jk… remember u can always focus attack/TAP when he tries to claw u off the wall… and another thing i noticed is that u were letting vega rush u down and that shoulda been a reverse roll… also i seen a few times u would just str8 jab and wouldnt link or cancel into a rush punch try working on ur timing and u should be good… u are far from bad but can rly improve on minor things to rly help ur game with rogerton

  • TAP walldives and claw roll attack thingy (you can go through the last claw strike with your TAP)

  • get out of the habit of hb’ing on wakeup, unless you kno it will hit or you really need a reversal… ppl will bait you and punish

  • c.lp, c.lp, xx hb (ultra)

  • xx hb (ultra)

  • ex/hp overhead, xx hb (ultra)

  • c.lp, c.lp xx ex upper, c.lp c.lp/ xx hb (ultra)

there are more… but these are good to start out with (the last one is a little strict… you can just start from the ex upper as well…) practice these combos until u got em down… corner-trap is right… u had many opportunities to punish with one or more of these bnb boxer combos… and if you just punished him with your chances, i believe you would have won this match…

jump into practice mode and get that rog rhythm down ^^ good luck!

btw i like this thread lol good idea :slight_smile:

Balrog Vs SAGAT

Another video played on the same day when i played Vega. A game i should have won at round 2 but somehow :frowning:
and caught by a FA late in round 3… bad game i guess.


You didnt actually do that much wrong, you just took too many risks after your jump ins and he made u pay for it.

You jumped in, thats ok, u jabbed jabbed, thats cool. u then did c.HK which is fine. Then you block afterward, which is cool, but then u try a normal attack again and he gets u every time.
Vega is a spacing character, he needs room to do his best moves. You did well in the first round, the trick is to keep pressure on him, chase him down as soon as you can and keep on the pressure till the game is over.

I used to have small problems with vega, no usually im okay unless they are something really special.

Good luck.

I can here you mashing the hell out of :lp: and :hk: . Try to work on not doing that. When you mash you put yourself in position to be poked to death. This is pertaining the vid against Vega.

Against Sagat, you did better in not doing this much. Except at the end of the 2nd round. I’m going to say that’s why you lost that round. Be patient. It seems that getting the Ultra or super off after a headbutt isn’t a problem for you. Try and combo into that headbutt instead of waiting on a jump in or passing through a projectile. Don’t stop what you are doing but you could open up your game so much more by being able to rush down a bit when you have an opening.

What was the full screen Ultra? Only other time I saw you pull the ultra out was after a headbutt.

Thanks InexplicableXiu and Emmit Fitzhum. You are all spot on. I am now learning not to mash lp but instead carefully use it to link to a hb or straight dash.
Currently i have no other venues of ultra except off a HB or through projectiles on wakeup and now i’m learning to ultra when i see a jump in.

Hope some other people can post their videos as well. I’m sure you can see valuable pointers here :slight_smile:

Rog v C.Viper


Honestly this wasn’t that bad. I don’t want to tell you things you already know like “work on bnb” because that’s a waste of a post, I’m sure you are working on it. Really, in this video I think it shows that you should work towards implementing TAP. Or at least that’s the first thing I saw. I think Sagat opened himself for it several times in that video and a nice TAP would have been planted cleanly. Just remember that you can charge TAP while moving, something a lot of people at our level of play forget! (I’m more or less right alongside you) So when you Headbutt through a fireball, or maybe you jump over one, start charging that TAP for the next fireball!

Also, great idea for a thread, I think this will really help people.

This is a really good thread idea im gonna start postin my matches here too.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I have A LOT of problems with shotos that keep crossing me up on wake up. I’m using a regular xbox gamepad. I wish just getting the bnb combos down wouldn’t be so hard on the gamepad.

Here’s my game vs this ryu that beat me 2 times.


Thanks for any tips. Especially any gamepad related tips ( Im finding that it is easier to use the joystick then the dpad for charge characters, thoughts? )

similar to the OP… when you have opportunities to punish, you want to PUNISH HARDDD!!

boxer is one of those characters where you can really hurt your opponent when given the opportunity

i liked your use of jumpback HP to zone and keep c.viper’s air game at bay at bay ^^

my main concern however is your punishment selection and your knockdown game

at one point c.viper whiffs a hp.thunder knuckle and lands right in front of you but you trip her with… in this case you can do something as simple as xx fp.headbutt for much more damage (and follow with ultra if you have it)

another time c.viper completely missed her ultra and went flying into the air… you nailed her with a dash torpedo blow, but you had a full super bar at this time… in this case you can do a dash straight xx super (back 2 seconds, forward lp, back, forward, lp) for much more damage, or just his super if you arent comfortable yet with the combo

lastly, the thing that was most alarming, especially in the 2nd video, was that you are too offensive after scoring a knockdown… your dash straights and pokes were constantly beat out… yet you kept going to this strategy over and over

in general, a dash straight after a knockdown is dangerous because, as c.viper showed, she consistently beat it out with her hp.thunder knuckle…

if she keeps doing this, get close, but out of throw range and see if you can bait one out of her, and punish accordingly…

rush down with a plan, and adapt and adjust your rush down if your opponent is uppercut/attack on wake up happy… boxer has a great offense, but his defense is what i believe makes him a monster :slight_smile:

in general that c.viper was quite good so you did pretty well imo

but these were just points that stuck out to me that you can work on to make your boxer better… good luck sir! wish you the best ^^

If shotos are abusing cross-ups as you wake up then your best bet imo is FADC away from where he will land. Also, sometimes a jab headbutt will do the trick depending on spacing, it comes out in 2 frames instead of 4 so it has a higher chance of success, but it’s really not a great option. I would say block on wake-up but you’re more likely to get thrown vs. FADC.

i didnt see this ryu crossing you up once, but i used to have the exact same problem… i would correctly block the crossup, but it was the guessing game after, whether he goes into combo or mixes it up with tick throws, that had my head spinning circles @_@…

what started working for me, is FADC back dash, the back dash has invincibility on startup so you wont get hit by most pokes after the crossup, and you will be a safe distance away from your opponent to counter attack… this works ESPECIALLY well in the corner, because now you have put them in the corner :slight_smile: and thats exactly where you want him with boxer xD kkkk

the only problem with this is that you have to make sure its a cross over… when i first started doing this, the ambiguous jump ins that land in front of you, i would just fadc dash into them and get punished… so this takes some practice… but it works for me on crossups ^^

things i liked about your gameplay… headbutt punishing mis-placed fireballs, using dash upper to hit opponents jumping back… c.hp usage

things you can work on…

like my previous post… xx fp.hb is much more effective than his… it does more damage, it is relatively easy to do, and can be combo’ed into his ultra… you had many opportunities after whiffed shoryukens right in front of you to do this… dont let stupid shoto’s get away with their shoryu shoryu shoryu bs!! ^^ kkkk

secondly, your jump ins are very unsafe and mis-spaced… very easy to shoryuken… in general, you dont want to jump in a lot on ryu’s because they can easily srk xx ultra, even on trade…

you want to zone ryu by fadc’ing, dashing, and walking… when you get close, dont immediately jump in, but see what he does when you start to crowd him… if he shoryu whiffs, punish… if he jumps, c.hp or headbutt, if he throws fireball, jump in and punish or headbutt through it… seems like you are rushing your rush down… but be patient with boxer on offense and strategically dismantle them… he’s a shoto killer for a reason :stuck_out_tongue:

for jump hk, walk throw… you can do a lot of things… learn to see his approach and tech throw… or jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab… lol jab :P, or you can fadc back dash frontal jump in’s as well! and when he whiffs the throw, wabam punish dash straight ^^

hope this helps ^^ and other boxers… jay wang, ephemeral, and more… if any of this information can be better, feel free to point it out please! … i could use some pointers in how to improve my boxer game as well, as it is far from perfect -.- kk ^^

good luck!

hey I really appreciated your post. You went into a lot of detail and I’ll be putting all that to work. I understand what you mean about walking to them and jumping to quick. I gotta chill out on that as I got shoryu’ed many times on our other fights.

when you say to xx hb … u mean lp, lp, mp xx hb? Otherwise I don’t see how i’ll have enough time to get charge for the HB after just having walked up to them to make him whif a shoryu.

Thanks again!

I’ve heard of FADC’ing on wake up with rog vs crossups but the thing is I can never seem to pull it off before getting hit. I’m not exactly sure when I should be pressing the focus buttons after the knockdown. I haven’t noticed any rog player doing it on a video but if you have, feel free to point me to it :slight_smile:

nope i mean xx hp.headbutt… the has mad range!!.. and so does the headbutt :slight_smile: u shouldnt need to move at all from the range of some of those missed shoryukens close to you… just stay crouched and ready to unload… some examples of when you could have done xx headbutt are at 0:24, 0:47, 1:22 in your video… test the range in practice mode and you will get a feel of what range you can and cant use it… if they are too far, then you can use, or even better, use ex dash upper, c.lp, c.lp xx headbutt once you get it down, or just dash punch to punish as it comes out very very fast (before he can shoryu again)

FADC back dash:


seen at 0:29

as you know, abel likes to rely on his crossover to set up his CoD, c.hp, & his tick throws… this FADC backdash eliminates both options clean and leaves you in good position away from the corner and now mid screen to counter attack

on some REALLY meaty deep crossovers, you have to just block as you wont have enough time to FADC backdash on wake-up, but when you get up as they are about to cross u up, you should use this option… focus attack immediately after wake-up, and b,b after you see the flash

no problem glad to help! ^^ good luck man

re: donmafia

The most glaring thing that happened repeatedly in the match is that the ryu whiffed HELLA jab dp’s which you either punished with nothing, or with two jabs. If you had just done a b&b combo each time he whiffed an uppercut he wouldn’t have taken a single round. That guy was sort of a scrub and did tons of random uppercuts. He whiffed uppercuts in front of you when you had full super bar and an ultra several times and you didn’t do anything. I know that jab dp’s can be annoying on the internet with the lag but you gotta tighten people up when they do things like that.

Honestly, oftentimes you can just mash dash and it should get you out alive as you’re waking up I think? I rarely do this myself so far, so maybe someone can confirm this?