Balrog Youtube Channel?

Does anyone know a youtube channel where the player makes balrog videos? Im talking kinda like ch3ckmate where he only uses ryu a good percent of the time or Free1up and bison. Im not talking about channels like shin akuma, where only videos of top players are uploaded.

-Basically I just want to know if theres a youtube channel that has a player that focuses on balrog w/ commentary. I already know about jxlegend. And i watch ropedrink sometimes

*Thank YOU!

Do you know about ? Here’s the link to the Balrog section.

that’s pretty awesome, had no idea that existed, going to add it to my MU thread.

Honored you mentioned my name.

My played record is something like 98% Balrog - Any video I ever upload regarding SF4 will ALWAYS be with Balrog - He is the only one I play… There has been the odd movie of me playing a different character in the past but generally only when it was funny, such as me hitting Random Select by pure accident once and ending up with Dhalsim, or when an opponent is getting tired of Balrog and I opt to crack out Honda for a game just to give them some air.

Sadly, my channel isn’t a 100% SF4 Channel, so even though 99.99% of my videos are Balrog, the channel itself is dedicated to many other games as well.

SF4 Vids are typically low/midlevel gameplay, no commentary (People have asked for it in the past so I may consider rigging the mic up, but ultimately I wouldn’t know what to say) and are usually Player Matches v Random Players in Arcade Rec, Funny Moments, Combo Videos or Training Room shinanigans. Ultimately nothing new or interesting for people looking for top-level play, just footage of a regular Joe having fun with SF4 a couple of hours a week on GFWL.

I used to spend a lot of time watching SeedyR0M’s movies, he used to be predominantly Balrog but seems he likes to mess with Ibuki and others now so it’s not Balrog exclusive anymore - He’s a Mod here on SRK and a very nice chap and a very solid Balrog who I used to get inspiration from, may be worth looking him up even if it’s not the type of channel you’re looking for.

I dun think you can comment on the game while playing, unless u record it AFTER the match.

You can do it either way. On the PC I use FRAPS to record and you can set it to record external sound (ie. Microphone) so if I turned that feature on I could talk during the match if I please - Obviously not the same on console.

Alternatively you can run a commentary while re-watching your previous match - This seems to be the most common - It’s not like a lot of people can concentrate on a) Fighting while b) Ranting and raving about the match and doing self commentary with it.

Well you can always visit YouTube - SCHeartless’s Channel

One of the coolest Balrogs I’ve seen. Has some pretty useful tutorials as well. Not sure if he has any audio commentaries though.

Got to say it’s nice how SC Heartless posted on my channel to thank me for subscribing to it… That’s a rarity in itself… Thing is I was shocked to learn I wasn’t subbed already, I’ve seen so many of his videos from AGES ago.

Yup, SCHeartless is an AWESOME Balrog, he’s on my XBL Friends List and I’ve had a few sessions with him, damn he never fails to amaze me!