Balrog vs. Bison

hey. when i play rog im more of a def. rog. sometimes i go really offensive when i have to in some situation. against bison its very hard for me because most bisons i come across love to turtle. throw in a few scissor kicks and turtle on it. i dont hate on that because thats a good way to play against a charge character. my main fighting style against bison is to go offensive and apply pressure instead of being the one being pressured on by scissor kicks. im not always winning tho. could someone please give me tips about how to fight bisons. what to punish and how to handle scissor kicks. i know they’re not punishable but how can i go around dealing with them?

A lot of Bisons are really defensive against rog because if you eat a high priority jab, you eat a big combo…
You can punish not lk scissor kicks (unless they only hit tip) and after scissor kick, you can follow up with jab (if you’re close enough). You want to keep up the pressure on Bison since his defense sucks and from a distance, a lot of your moves beat scissor kick. Once he starts the scissor kick loop, block until he’s out of range and then regain your momentum. Most of your specials have frame disadvantage on block, so it’s usually a good idea to be wary of this. Since Balrog and Bison’s fastest moves are the same number of frames, that means he’s able to beat most of your moves after he blocks one of your specials.

what do i do against a bison that is turtling? shall i dash in/walk in, jump in etc?

if he’s at long range then chip him with max range jab.rush. He can’t throw you out of it and can’t punish on block. If he gets smart and start FA’ing…well just deal with it like you deal with any other character FA’ing.

if he’s playing defensive footsies with you then poke at him with sweeps and s.hks. Balrog has the same reach as bison’s longest poke(, and the sweep goes right under bison’s best poke ( Counter-poke with

if he clams up at close range then bully him with jabs/tickthrows and frame traps. You also get to jump-in on him all day. Bison’s defense seriously sucks, if you can’t crack it then your opponent just has better defense than your offense.

Agreed, Balrog can jump in for free against Bison if both players are about the same skill level. I don’t know Balrog but I think it’s his jump fierce that’s godlike. If you play a Bison that sucks, crouch fierce every jump in.

Max range light dash punch is really good against Bison. Anything that breaks armor will beat FAs (since FAs are pretty good against Rog).

Balrogs jabs are so annoying to Bison imo. Bison’s used to having the highest priority crouching light attack and then Balrog’s is the same speed with better reach and higher damage. It’s also better blockstun too. Rog is good, just don’t spam headbutt (even on wakeup). Ex Rush Punch on wakeup is usually fine unless Bison does PC crossup.

Thanks for the help. is it a good idea to jump in fierce/roundjpise to try to get closer to bison? Also, if bison sees my jump in and goes for a scissor kick, will that beat out my jump or not? I dont remember if thats something i should worry about.

Thanks for the help. is it a good idea to jump in fierce/roundjpise to try to get closer to bison? Also, if bison sees my jump in and goes for a scissor kick, will that beat out my jump or not? I dont remember if thats something i should worry about.

Bisons standing hk beats rogs jumpin if spaced properly. Or it might trade.

what are some good blockstrings to do on bison to apply pressure?

But a jumping Fierce usually beats it out if you do it right. Rog is a beast for that.

Jump-in roundhouse on their wakeup when they have no bar is pretty good too. The only option they’ll have at that point is teleport. IMO, anyway. I’ve dabbled with rog a bit.

Lol. Balrog? Blockstrings? Here’s a good one: jab, jab, walk forward, jab, jab, walk forward, jab, throw.
No but seriously, I don’t know Balrog that well but most of the ones I play do that. He does have some nasty frame traps though.

well thats what i meant. but yes you do have a point, jab is all i need

Yeah, I was just kidding. I’m a Bison main, I have no idea what Balrog’s blockstrings are. I do know that his jab is really good though.

on knockdown bison is basically free on wake-up with no meter if he teleports back punish him with tap option select

if he has meter and you get him to the corner most likely hes gonna psycho crusher out but if you have
ultra you can punish him with auto correct ultra or super

if you get him in a block string hes probably going to crouch tech but you can punish that with ex dash punch to blow right through that or c.short -> lp.dash straight is what i like to do to punish crouch techs and just mix-up throws from there

but this match is whoevers on offense because its very hard if your on defense so if you have the life lead just turtle it out ill

ill add more to this just ask what you have trouble on

bison’s is not good anti-air, his head is very much vulnerable to anything that has long reach. So when you jump in on him, make sure it’s deep and aim for the head. You’ll beat him clean most of the time, or trade at worst. Trading against bison’s is now in balrog’s favor, since bison’s normal damage got nerfed.

What if bison wakes up ex stomp or something of that sort? I will have enough time to block if i see it won’t i? BTW, can Bison punish hit lp dash punch with lk scissor kicks?

if bison ex headstomps just walk back and punish his headstomp it will most likely whiff, same thing for devils reverse if he whiffs it, but if he goes up in the air with DR than stuff it with c.hp or if hes getting away from you
with the devils reverse you ex dash punch

Ex HS is free on wake up. Just walk back one step. If it’s a devil’s reverse, he’ll reverse out of there (you can probably dash punch this as you’re walking backwards). If it’s a headstomp, he’ll land in front of you an dyou can do a big combo. It’s very rare for a good Bison to Ex-HS on wakeup. And yeah, if Bison expects lp dash, he can counter with scissor kicks. Don’t spam it.

Loads of time to block EX Stomp. Bison floats up.
Bison cannot punish LP Dash Straight with LK Scissor Kick. LP Dash Straight is -3 on block. LK Scissor Kick has a bigger start up than 3 frames. Bare in mind here, where Bison can happily click after LK Scissors (0 frames on block), you should be careful clicking buttons at the wrong range, as Bison will win everytime.

Importantly, if your Dash Straight is too meaty, it’s a GUARANTEED for Bison (3 frame start up).

What set up do you use for option select teleport with TAP?